Where are social workers in South Africa

Searching for you

I am an avid social networking fan  and I find this hobby of mine to be enlightening as well as giving me an opportunity to link with individuals who think the same as me or even differently. One thing for sure is that i am always inspired and stimulated. However in my everyday runs and walk ins along the twitter streets i have been disappointed to not find any South African social workers talking about social work issues on the web. Am i missing something or is there a secret social work forum i dont know about?

Im not complaining about my increasing number of overseas social workers who tweet about their challenges in the profession everyday. My twitter profile usually consists of my everyday social work challenges and highlights too as i have seen it is a good way to interact with other social workers. But i have found the gap of social workers from South Africa or even the  African continent!!! Why is this???

I would love to hear the  social work view point from developing nations, lets be honest our challenges are different. I twatch (watch on twitter) my British social work counterparts talking about how CP (child protection) is the most brain frying type of social work one can do, the one that can easily lead you to the path of burn out. In USA they talk of mental health as the number one problem they face. I would like to engage with South African social workers. What are our challenges???

My guess….poverty will top the list and our social work will be more developmental. But this is my view!!! Where are the African social workers? I once joined the social worker forum in South Africa, thats about the only group of African social workers I have seen and interacted with.But are there any blogs?? Tweeter handles of social workers in Africa???

I AM ONE!!! but i wish there were more of us sharing the beauty and pain of this profession. If you are one of these please follow me @gettyhottie. Lets get interacting.

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