Social Worker Goes on Leave

I finally gathered the courage to take some few days leave. I think I am a bit of a workaholic, I always find a reason to go to work. Or maybe that just means I love my job that much. Let me explain….

When something is your calling like social work is to me, your whole life sort of revolves around it. I get a sense of responsibility to my clients that makes it hard for me to imagine a day without showing up. At the children’s home I am working at now, my clients are teenage girls who drive me crazy with their moods but these girls have become my friends.Yes, this sounds unhealthy, like I am an over involved social worker who cannot disconnect from work. But I am actually just committed and I will not skip work unless I really have to.

So now was the time that I felt I really needed a break, my last leave was in June this year (5 months ago) and since then I have been working non-stop. So I am on leave again and loving it.

The challenge? What to do with my time and trying not to think about work or that thing I should be doing if I was at the office. I am still working out my schedule. Its a good thing I booked a trip out to see my significant other and that should keep me occupied. I am going to see if the social worker can switch off and think of other things besides social work…(LOL!! I am already blogging about social work on day 1 of my leave so yes it will be a bit tricky). Maybe I will do some sight-seeing and take a few pictures, spend time with loved ones and basically just relax. Unfortunately the weather is terrible in Pietermaritzburg and I might be home bound for a while, hope the heavens hear my plea and bring some sunshine.

Social Worker on leave is trying not to think social work!!!! But as long as the world is full of people there will be social work. One never stops trying to make a difference.  But until I am back to work this is ME TIME!! First stop, breakfast for one!!!

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