Change Yo Look, Change Yo Mind!!

far view


Today was a good day at the workplace. Recently our humble children’s home
got a donation to have a revamp of our look. A renowned artist known
as Faith47 (this is how she prefers to be known)joined in the project
with some stakeholders and the charitable donor, a well known
designer whom I will not name since I did not get rights to do so.

Our home for female girls whom we are trying to get off the streets  has
been turned into a beautiful art form making part of the Fringe
District in Cape Town. It was a proud moment to open the house to
visitors and friends and share our new look. I wore my perfect smile
greeting and welcoming visitors at the gate. The girls also took part
taking the visitors on a tour of the house including the offices and
the rooms. The courtyard has been painted with fresh summer colours
of green and a soft yellow and there is a wonderful transformation.

The artwork on the wall of the building for me represents hope, struggle,
strength and really moving on with life. And this is true of the work
that the social workers, child care workers and staff of the home
provide for these children. It is a home away from home, giving them
a new lease of life and paving a brighter future. I feel blessed to
have been there to experience this. Seeing the girls experiencing
this transformation has also been a source of great joy for me.

What’s in a change of look? Just like in our everyday lives if you improve
the décor in your house or change colours it brings a sense of
novelty and newness that every human being needs to experience in
order to feel human. It gives new meaning to one’s life and some
start to reorganise their mindset as well to suit the new
environment. I hope this is the same for the children I work with.
After going through so much dullness, ache and trauma they need some
sunshine and brightness in their lives. I hope the novelty never
wears off….

A lot of different meanings and symbolisms can be derived from the
painting on our wall. It means different things to different people,
if you are reading this I wonder what meaning you would put on the
painting I have shown. Let me know….

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