I have seen a damaged soul….It is a
wandering, lost soul. Shattered like the image of broken glass. You
can see it in the eyes; they are cold and show no trace of emotion.
Except when you look for a longer period there you see it, the
infinite sadness beneath those eyes.

A damaged soul is hurting and therefore
they see and feel nothing but hurt. That means they hurt whatever
comes in their path. They do not know what they are doing at a
certain point in time. Insecure is their most common state of mind.
They are driven by emotion: anger, sadness, grief, hatred, revenge.
When any of these emotions set in all they can black out and cannot
control what they do. It’s all a blur of mixed up emotions, they
are not sure of themselves. This means a damaged soul can be
dangerous, like a wounded animal.

So hurt were they in the past that they
do not know what it means not to hurt anymore. They allowed what they
went through in the past to fester and corrode their soul. Their
defense is to hurt others before they get hurt….you see they cannot
handle the pain. The worst of the damaged soul is the one that
inflicts pain on themselves as well as others. It is sad and scary to
watch as someone slits their wrist, burns themselves with a
cigarette, bash their head with a bottle. It is hard to try and help
them because their limits at that point are unknown. This is how the
psychopath and sociopath are created. I am no psychologist but most
personality disorders if left unattended to can become life long
illnesses and can affect human relationships.

They say it is impossible to love someone who does not love themselves. This is the sad part because
the damaged soul craves love so much like a vampire craves blood. But
their self- destructive nature makes it impossible for them to
receive love even though deep inside they yearn for it. You can see
it in their eyes….

So I ask….What would happen if you
love them anyway? Would that somehow thaw the coldness centered in
their hearts? Would that bring warmth and a genuine smile to their
faces? If only someone had the courage to try and love a damaged
soul. For once to feel accepted as they are…flaws and all. If I
would love you as damaged as you are would you then love yourself
enough to want to want to get better for your sake, not mine?

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