Month: January 2013

My passion

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.  Steve Jobs


When a job gives you satisfaction, when a job completes your existence, when you feel good after a day’s work that you leave with your heart full and a smile on your face….that is passion.  It is a feeling that stems from deep inside, a fire that that brightens up my day. This is how I feel about social work!!!! Let me explain….

It is not the organization one works in that determines one’s passion. It is about the nature of the job and the force applied to the tasks at hand. In social work for me it is being blessed enough to get the opportunity to step into other people’s lives and being trusted to make a positive change. This is a big deal. No one wants people poking their noses into their business but as a social worker your “poking” is sought out.  Social work gives me the chance to love and accept individuals as they are; with their weaknesses and to be able to celebrate with them their strengths. It allows me to see a person as a whole, all facets of their life and see what makes them tick or not. In particular residential social work allows me more than a glimpse of the day to day development of my clients and this is very fulfilling.

I am lucky to have found my love and my niche after four years of social work. Working with children who think they know it all, teenagers who are wannabe adults and those children who actually don’t have a clue and need guidance all the way. I feel blessed to have a chance to work with all kinds of behavior problems in children before I even have my own kids, oh yes it is practice.  I love challenges and every day I feel I have survived and made a difference, so it is a growth opportunity for me.


In life one needs something that they feel passionate about. Without it something dies within us, our ability and creativity dies. We all need something that motivates us to get out bed in the morning. The kids I work with are my joy and I love spending my days with them. Work becomes a joy and a learning experience not a chore if you are passionate about what you do.  This is what everyone needs and I urge everyone to not give up on looking for their passion in life. Seek that something that completes you and life has a purpose.

What is your passion?

Walking the Labyrinth…Prayer for Social Work



Definition: It is an elaborate structure synonymous with maze in colloquial English. A labyrinth has a single, non-branching path which leads to the center. It has an easy route to the center and back. Many labyrinths set in floors or on the ground are large enough that the path can be walked by individuals or groups for private meditation. (Source: Wikipedia)

So basically today was a day of meditation and silent prayer for the children that we work with. The organization suggested a prayer day to start off the year and put all worries forward to God for the year. The Siyahamba Labyrinth at St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town was suggested as the place and method of prayer. We had to pray for better working relationships amongst staff and better working relationships with stakeholders who bring the children into residential care particularly the external social workers.  In general it was a few hours of having a spiritual connection as you walk down the labyrinth “maze”.  It really is a good thing to work with people who can put everything aside and focus on praying for the work that we do. It is not an easy job to work with children who have been abused, abandoned and neglected. Their souls have been tampered with and in order to be able to assist these children, us as workers need to be fed spiritually as well.


My experience was surreal in the sense that I could meditate and silently speak to God about my troubles. It was the first time to have this kind of meditation experience of walking around a circle and following certain lines, one foot after the other. With the group of colleagues I was with it was almost tantric, like we were all lost in our own worlds, going around and crossing one another in our paths.  I remember thinking how I would love to do that again on a personal level with people I love and see how we would experience that.

So if you hear of a labyrinth near you, do try this experience. It is peaceful and helps you to get centered on your thoughts and as you come out of the maze you feel relaxed. Silence is a must so as not to disturb the flow of energy from the ground to the body and all the messages coming from the walk. I would definitely do it again. The most important gift I took away was the knowledge that 12 adults walked in complete silence and prayed for children in need of care, knowing that God heard us we look forward to a blessed 2013.

Stay blessed…..and take a moment of silence. A lot can be heard from it.