the faceless victim

Its Friday 08/02/2013 and I attended an event hosted by the District 6 Museum in support of the One Billion Rising campaign. This campaign is aimed at creating global awareness on violence against women and children and saying STOP, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I was excited to be part of this initiative as I am very passionate about abuse. The event on this day was an “intimate conversations” segment where actual testimonies of abuse were given by survivors.  On 14/02/2013 our organization is also taking part in the “flash mob”dance against abuse… See image on the left in which i am wearing a mask…this symbolises the nameless victims of abuse and violence.

My thoughts: 

Those who gave their testimonies portrayed an inner strength which I thought immediately was divine intervention at play.  When I got home after hearing their stories I did not plan it but I started singing a worship song and then immediately I was moved to prayer. My words surprised me because they were word of praise to God for the strength that was evident in the survivors of abuse and violence. I felt so much gratitude because I realized there was omnipresence at that

They spoke of gruesome violence and abuse happening to them. They did not cry as they spoke in detail…the audience was moved to tears but you could tell the survivors had gotten to an acceptance phase and had dealt with their trauma.  You see they have lived through it…. We cry because we are so shocked things like this are happening in our society. We are shocked that sex workers also get raped by their clients; they also get physically and emotionally abused. As society all we do is judge them for doing the job they do….we do not know what they have to go through.  The strength to stand in front of a crowd and admit that one is not perfect, that one has been marred and has scars but still having the beauty to say “HERE  IAM, I AM ALIVE, I AM HUMAN JUST LIKE YOU”.  We are shocked when we hear that lesbians get “corrective rape” or curative rape as if there is something wrong with them.  We cry in the audience because it is our nature as society members to get moved to sympathy and say “shame”. But what exactly are we doing to stop abuse and violence against
women and children?

Society is hurting, we cry for different reasons everyday.  We think we are free but we are not free. We think we are safe but how safe are we? Today it is someone else but tomorrow it can be you, your daughter, your cousin, your sister…. Violence against women and children has got to stop. Once you experience pain at the hands of another human being you just feel like the world is unjust, you question God, you angry and can be angry for years. There are so many silent victims but this is our chance to say “We are victims” but no more powerlessness, no more suffering in silence. We Rise We are not broken women. We are just women.

Rise against all forms of violence against women and children. Today I rise with the world and all women saying IT STOPS HERE!!!! It is not enough to educate women and empower them. Boys and men need to be taught how to respect women and girls.  The patriarchal society that allows the archaic mentality of men domineering over women should be done away with. God is watching, he has not forgotten. Who do you think gives  the strength to go on everyday ? 

RIP to all those who died in an act of physical, sexual and emotional violence. Your death is not in vain…

Survivors God is our strength and we grow from strength to strength. WE RISE!!!!!!


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