Not everyone knows your worth…


It is so easy to get discouraged in our daily endeavors and our attempts at life.  Not everyone sees your
worth and you might end up feeling ‘if they do not see it then what is the point?’  I have asked myself this a lot of times and I have
found that it is not only normal but also necessary to ask this question sometimes. Let me explain…

Whenever you feel discouraged your whole PURPOSE becomes blurred. You no longer have a clear picture of
why you exist and what your role in this life is. It is true that sometimes we equate not being recognized to not having any purpose.
The question “then what is the point” becomes necessary in order to steer you back to the question of your PURPOSE. I find that
feeling discouraged and feeling unrecognized helps me to redefine who I am doing this for in the first place. Why is their recognition
important to me? Does it change my PURPOSE if someone feels I am not good enough or I am not the right person for the job? The truth is
NO!!!! What someone else thinks of you does not change your PURPOSE; your destiny and purpose remains the same whether people acknowledge your efforts or not. It is this realization that makes all the difference.

There will always be people who think you are not good enough, not old enough, not beautiful enough, not fit enough….That is ok because that is their opinion of you and that does not have to be your reality. Yes it is not a good feeling and can make us feel sad and unaccomplished. But what matters is what you think of yourself. Self- confidence and self affirmation makes a world of difference in how one progresses in life. You cannot go around believing everything that people say about you. Some people are there to just bring others down because they themselves do not feel worthy. What will kill you is self-judgment and self abuse.

So today I am making a decision to be my own person. Constructive criticism I can take but those who constantly try to belittle the purpose in my life will not get any attention from me because I simply refuse to believe that I am anything less than fabulous and blessed. This applies to all areas in my life: work, relationships and society at large. If I live for my PURPOSE I therefore do not need praise from the world.  The more I believe in my self and live it the more I make others believe it too!!!  This is the message that I try to give to all the children who are my clients as well.

And not forgetting that the Lord sees all things and will reward each one according to what he sees with his heavenly eyes.

when you
are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you wont be a
victim of needless suffering”


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