Reflections from my past week….

The week that just passed has been a rough week for this social worker. I had to think long and hard about where I am at emotionally and as I reflected upon the whole week I felt so much better. These were my reflections about last week:

  • I don’t always have the right answers, I don’t know everything. This was a bit tough to admit but it is so true. If I keep an attitude of knowing everything then I become un-teachable(if such a word exists) and do not leave room for growth in my life. I can be too hard on myself at times; I cannot bear the thought of being wrong. I had an incident where my knowledge of the Children’s Act was put to the test and I lost my confidence. My interpretation of some parts of the procedures applied to find children in need of care was totally ignored by someone who thought their own interpretation was the right one. Now I questioned all that I thought I knew about the Act and for that moment I could not fathom the thought of being wrong. I had to double check and triple check from the Act as well as contact the Children’s Court to verify. My interpretation turned out to be right after all, but I started wondering why the possibility of me being wrong had affected me so much. Am I that much of a perfectionist?  I am not the one who wrote the Children’s Act and I do not have to know it word for word, but somehow I felt I had to. I am that concerned about giving the best possible intervention to the children I work with. But then I realized it is part of humanity to not know everything and that is how we keep on learning from new information. I am no superwoman and will not make apologies for it.
  • There will be bad days and good days. The bad days come to an end just as the good days do. You can only appreciate the good days if you know how bad the bad days can be. There will be trials and people who will test me. In this week it became very important for me to remember that saying that goes “this too shall pass”. The fact that I am still here after the hectic week I have had is proof of that. It is all about the attitude and how I choose to react to those who are out to try my patience. The moment I choose to allow someone to spoil my day then I lose control of my life. Knowing that I am the one in control of how my day goes surely got me through the week. Trials surely helps to develop one’s character.
  • Time management!!! I reflected upon how I need to distribute my time to those things that bring value to my life. I found myself so drained each day this week and could not make time to study for my Masters Entrance exam coming up. I mean it is a lot. Now I am thinking I need to give more time to things that bring joy and happiness to my life. I need to manage my time so that I spend time with God, my family and friends. These are the people that put a smile on my face. I cannot be so caught up in work that I cannot spare a moment to chat with my mother ; that would be me failing. This blog as well gives me a chance to be me and talk about things I am passionate about; it is my joy and hobby. Having emotional and spiritual wealth has become important to me than chasing money.

    There is a time for everything under the sun. Opportunities come and you win some you lose some. The trick is to wake up everyday by God’s grace and make each day count. People’s opinions of you are just that…their opinions,not yours.

    Sunset Reflections

I hope my journey this week will inspire someone to also reflect upon their lives. It is important not to ignore ourselves and feelings we get as we go along our daily lives.

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