Being happy is an option, a choice one makes. I have realized you cannot go through life waiting on other human beings to bring happiness into your life. So what is your job? Sitting there and waiting to receive happiness? I think that makes for an even sadder existence.

Granted life is not easy and yes there are times when one feels down, discouraged, sad, worried and anxious. These should be phases that pass and not a lifetime of unhappiness. It is actually okay to feel these feelings at times; sometimes the pressure to always be happy also in itself brings unhappiness. You might end up feeling the need to pretend to be happy and this is usually to please the outside world. This is not real happiness…

As I observe children in my place of work and see the simplicity of their lives I marvel at what causes that. I assume it is because they give all their worries for the adults in their lives to sort out. That would surely make me happy if someone else is solving all my problems for me. This is the beauty and innocence of childhood. Children do not claim to know it all and they can be quite content in being ignorant about what is going to happen tomorrow. They let the adults in their lives worry about that. This is why they can play for hours on end and they look so happy that I often get jealous just looking at them. Often I get the thought “if only I were a child again” but to be honest I cannot go back to all those bridges I have crossed growing up, the challenges of primary and high school. The experiences I have had are lifetime treasures.

Adulthood comes with responsibility and accountability that is a huge cause of stress. I still feel that being unhappy does not solve any problems. In actual fact it makes the situation worse; can cause depression, thoughts of suicide and antisocial behavior. So I choose to be happy; yes this is easier said than done but just writing about it is affirming this thought in my mind. The more positive my affirmations are, the more positive my outlook on life and the happier I am. You only get one shot at life, just one. So wasting it wallowing in misery is not something I want to do.

Here’s a few ways to be happy:

  • Do things that you love. Find out what your hobbies are if you do not know

  • Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself

  • Try to live an honest life as lies do catch up and can make your life miserable

  • Take a walk and try not to be in closed spaces for long periods of time; fresh air and open spaces bring a lighter atmosphere.

  • Try to separate yourself from negativity as it highly contagious.

  • Stay healthy…a healthy body and healthy mind. Just to take good care of yourself because you owe it to yourself.

Now I am off to go and take my own advice. Stay happy!!!!

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