The Human Relationship

If you are ever going to do something for human beings expecting recognition and expecting to get their approval where there was none before…you set yourself up for disappointment. If you expecting to get love just based on face value and the fact that you exist then you are in for heartbreak. This is what I have realized and concluded just by virtue of being human and through my interactions with other humans. So take this as my opinion…

A human heart is so fickle, the human kind of love is conditional and this means it can change with circumstances and if the terrain changes. A human heart can love you for what you have to offer it. Human relationships are expected to be reciprocal otherwise there is a loss. A mother’s love to her children is expected to be the purest form of love. One expects the reason to be that your mother brings you forth hence she should love you as her offspring. However interaction with human beings has proven that even this relationship is tainted. A mother has certain expectations of her children, if these expectations are not realized there can be rejection. An example is a parent who cannot accept her disabled child, cannot bear the imperfections and chooses to give up that child. The other side of this which is more confusing is the crooked form of love that cannot bear to see the weaknesses in a mother’s own offspring, cannot bear to accept their pain so rather abandons them. When your own parent betrays you who do you turn to?

Human relationships bring lots of pain and heartache. Yes I am being cynical and negative. There is probably a good side to them but that is not my focus at present. I am looking at the other side of love…for there is two sides. When the other party does not receive what they think they ought to be receiving from the relationship they withdraw or they start demanding. Words are exchanged which might cause the one to feel unappreciated and withdraw as well. One cannot run away from this nature of human relationships.

That being said one cannot be an island and we aim to find satisfaction in our interactions with other human beings.Always with our guard up to avoid being hurt we walk into unknown territories. Only until we find that one that breaks through our defenses, allows us to trust again and just be. Family can allow one to be themselves….sometimes. Good friends can give you unconditional love…also sometimes.

 Then you realize there is no one else for you…none but Jesus!!!1st Corinthians 13 speaks of the love that is unconditional, that is long-suffering!!!yes that is the only love that comforts you when human relationships fail. I feel personally blessed to know that there is a perfect love…that is the love I seek, we all seek even if we do not know it yet. We all look for love in the wrong places and live our lives in disappointment. I choose to love God and let the rest figure itself out. When you love God he is in control…he takes care of you!!!! Happy Sunday.


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