I have been hovering around this topic for the past months and it has come up in one or two of my previous blogs. The fact that my struggles or let me put it this way; life’s tribulations have purpose. Nothing we go through is random. There is a lesson in each and every experience and if we could just stop for a minute to reflect we could learn what it is.

I realized that I have grown a lot in the past couple of months. I have grown through my experiences of not so pleasant ordeals. When I go to bed at night and reflect I see that I do not think the same anymore. I have matured a great deal due to the lessons I have taken from my experience. One example I used to be the most impatient person my friends and family could have had the pleasure to know. But I have miraculously learnt to be patient since I found myself being forced to await the outcome of my work permit. I have had no choice but to be patient in this excruciating ordeal and dealing with a grossly incompetent and cruel department. I moaned and groaned about it for six whole months but when I recently thought about it I realized I have actually been waiting that long. So I have learnt patience by force. So now that I have learnt it in one aspect of my life why not maintain it. It is an admirable virtue after all…and we all yearn to be better human beings.

So yes sometimes we do not want to go through the things that we go through. But it has been said over and over again; our experiences shape who we become. Actually I think how we react to our circumstances is what shapes who we become. This is how we grow in case someone had forgotten. This is not to say that the down times in our lives should be welcomed and embraced with huge expectancy since it is a growth opportunity. This just means to me that we should not fear it as much since it is bound to happen anyway. We should take the lessons in the strife rather than bemoan the rest of our existence. And these moments are never permanent anyway.

There are so many sayings to support what I am saying and they are so thrown around everyday that we do not really take in the meaning.

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

‘If you never know sadness how can you know what happiness feels like?’

Just to name a few.

It’s a long weekend coming up and I am happy to end this week on this positive note. Stay blessed

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