How much of this is necessary in everyday living? Does it mean martyrdom? Does it mean always putting others needs before your own is a characteristic everyone needs to have or what society expects? Personally I draw the line when self-sacrifice comes as a result of pity. When you know for a fact that the situation you are in no longer serves your purpose but you carry on because you feel sorry for the other person or you are scared to hurt their feelings. This borders on stupidity because the truth is you don’t even know how much the real truth will affect them. You assume your self-sacrifice is what the situation requires but who are you to decide how another person is going to feel? You hurt yourself by remaining in a situation that no longer makes you happy or one that you are no longer passionate about all because you are doing it for the other person. Who is doing you a favor? This applies to job situations,relationships and all other encounters with life.

I am not advocating that people become these selfish, non-empathizing beings. All I am saying is that there needs to be a balance between our needs and the needs of those around us. When a situation is scaled and weighs heavily in favor of others all the time and leaving you on the losing end it is called settling. I personally refuse to settle for anything less than that which weighs heavily on my side once in while, to make ME happy and make ME smile. I deserve it and I think everyone does.

So what’s keeping you in an unhappy situation? Is it fear of hurting people? Because they will be hurt anyway when they find out you stayed out of pity or duty or that you sacrificed yourself for them without their permission.Others would even resent you for not leaving because it may mean you lack the confidence to stand up for what you want. We were all placed on this earth for a reason and part of it is to enjoy the short lives that we have on here. That means not wasting most of it on situations or persons that do not serve our purpose. Reflect on why you are still there!!!

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