This blog is dedicated to new beginnings!!! As I write I really am in the process of reinventing myself. Life is a journey they always say but I recently read a piece of interesting literature by a man known as Gary Shteyngart (really, how do you even pronounce that) who says “Don’t let them tell you life is a journey. A journey is when you end up somewhere”. This is a new truth I have recently faced as my journey has in fact led me somewhere…

So the month of August saw me making my not so smooth move to Ireland to begin my Masters degree in Social Policy. Now it has been a little over three weeks since my arrival in this beautiful Ireland city of Cork and I feel like a new person. Well physically I am still the same but I am in a new environment and doing new things and meeting new people. This is exciting and sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I am really here (LOL). The first major change started with leaving my sister and brother in Cape Town and starting a life on my own. For five years I have not lived by myself and even though my family have their issues, leaving them was not easy.

Leaving Cape Town International Airport
Leaving Cape Town International Airport
The day before I left with my brother and sister
Sad goodbyes

Then I have had to adjust to living in a shared apartment with five housemates. I am a very private person despite the fact that I like to blog about my life. This has not been a smooth transition. I have found myself keeping mostly to my side of the apartment which is my bedroom, and only venture to the shared parts when I really have to. This is not me being anti-social but I am making very slow progress in integrating with others, even though they are all very nice and also international students from different parts of the world. I also happen to be the oldest by five years not that it makes a difference cause I am really as old as I feel but as I said it is a transition.

Shared Apartment

Now I am here in Ireland to be a full time student. That has been another area of change since I had been used to waking up everyday to go to work for the past five years. Now I have lectures twice a week and both of them in the evening. So my days are filled with nothing….more time to explore the city once I get my bearings. Its a huge change for me. I have had to change sleeping patterns too…in Ireland its light as day until 9 pm in the evening. It drove me insane in the first week but I am getting used to it. They say in winter it will get dark at 3pm. I wonder how I will adjust to that.

Blackrock castle
Exploring Cork,St Patricks Cathedral in Cobh

This blog has had to change as well. For people who have followed my writing since I started; you would know it was called “Mind of A Social Worker” and it was an honest account of my love for social work and my experiences with my job. Now that I have left that to become a full time Social Policy student I cannot blog about day to day social work as I used to. So I had to change the name of this blog to “More to Getty” which was the original name of the blog!!! The point really is not to take the core message from my writing. I will still write about what I am passionate about, but it is just not going to be direct social work related as it used to be. I will still write about what inspires me, as life itself is my fountain of knowledge. The name “More to Getty” also means you get a free sneak peek into my life so there will be more pictures and escapades. You will know what moves me and what I think about…And I still get to enjoy the gift of writing.  And I was actually thinking today about how profound it is that I started writing as a hobby but now I find myself doing a course that has online blogging as a requirement. Meaning all that writing actually prepared me for what I am studying now. Who would have thought…, others are now busy trying to figure out how to write a blog. Meaning I am a step ahead and that makes me happy. Moral of this being…nothing is wasted!!!

So I cannot wait to continue this journey with those of you who love to read and those who are just interested in my journey.

Let me end by saying this: change is scary, it is daunting and sometimes we fight it. But my advice to anyone is that if you ever get a chance to reinvent yourself, grab it. It always brings growth and takes you into paths unforeseen. Don’t be scared to LIVE. There is a whole world waiting for people who just dare to dream about a new life and go out there and take it. Dare to dream and you might just get to live your dream.

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