Week 5…Remember your purpose!!!

This week’s blog will sound really different from the last one. It has now been five weeks since I came to Cork and I am happy to say the adjustment is getting smoother. I am getting closer to calling this place my second home. In fact I found myself saying to my sister the other day “I am in town I will call you when I get home”…In the first week it was just an apartment or where I live. I was not thinking of it as home but I am glad that is changing.

I attended an event last weekend in Dublin (about 250 km from Cork city). This was an event organised by my sponsor Irish Aid in order for all the Irish Aid recipients to meet and get to know each other. So I got to meet all the other intelligent young adults scattered across the country who are also postgraduate students from different countries. All in all we are four Zimbabweans in Ireland on this programme and that alone makes me proud to be one of them. I was also comforted by the fact that we are all going through the same experiences in the different towns and cities we are coming from.

So this was a good networking opportunity but for me this was not all it was. This was also of utmost importance, a reminder of why I am here in the first place. I was reminded of why I am going through all this to begin with: the adjustment, the homesickness, the experience of being a minority and the sleepless nights. All of this is because I am here to do something and it will all be worth it in the end. One of the most inspiring speakers was a lady from Uganda by the name of Beatrice Mugambe. She was a 2013 fellow and just finished her year Masters. She was proud of her thesis which for me symbolised the end result which we are all here to attain. She is now a qualified sociologist, critical analyst and social activist and she was proud of all these achievements. This is why we are here and that light at the end of the tunnel, that outcome is the reason why it is all worth it. So my focus is clear and even though some speakers also emphasised the importance of having fun and embracing the experience, I was most moved by the tangible end result of my time here. So in one year I will be Getrude, the social policy analyst critical thinker.

The pictures from last weekend tell a story of their own… more pictures on instagram @jusgee_gee. 

Until next time…Stay blessed and remember your purpose!!


Irish Aid, my sponsors!!!They totally rock...they are dong a lot of work in Zimbabwe which I hope to get involved in after this
Irish Aid, my sponsors!!!They totally rock…they are doing a lot of work in Zimbabwe which I hope to get involved in after this
With Zainab from Sierra Leone, MA Sustainable Development
With Zainab from Sierra Leone, MA Sustainable Development
Bewley's Hotel...i mean my sponsors are quite generous I will not complain
Bewley’s Hotel…first class treatment I am always grateful for

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