Who Am I?


As a blogger I love to read other people’s blogs and get to know what inspires them to write. As i was doing that today I found out that the most common inspiration for people who love to write or blog is that they go into an area that they are passionate about. People write about what they find interesting about their lives whether its fashion, politics, food, photography…the list is endless.

What a person is willing to put out there on the internet is basically their BRAND!!!In essence it defines who they are as a person. Besides what we write about or what status we post on twitter or pictures we choose to post on instagram, it is also about what we talk about in social circles. What are your conversations about? Are you in that circle of friends that’s always discussing other people or are you discussing how to bring about much needed change in society or are you building each other as young adults or whatever it may be. This all defines us as human beings.

So i got to thinking about what exactly is my BRAND? What am I showing the world about who I am? What do I spend most of my time thinking about? Is it meaningful? Cause I surely would not want to be spending hours on pointless pursuits. I am reminded of the famous James Allen quote “as a man thinketh…so is he”. I realized I want the world to know me as I see myself..which is; if you will forgive me and give me a moment to toot my own horn…just a second; I am a brilliant thinker, a caring daughter and sister, a loving friend and listener, i love to give relationship advice that I do not take myself and I love to challenge the norms of society. I hate conformity even though I know society would be chaotic without authority and social order, but that doesn’t change how I feel.  I hate how women are still devalued in society by seemingly simple notions such as every girl should know how to cook. Who is talking about the boys? I have recently also discovered that I dislike the way Africa is portrayed by those in Europe since I came here. Their ignorance is appalling and this started with questions like “why did you choose to come to this rainy place leaving sunny Africa” as if that is all Africa has to offer or as if my being here has to have some sort of justification otherwise it doesn’t make sense. i will not go into the racial connotations of that statement…

So this is who I am in a nutshell and this is how I portray myself to the world in my conversations, my writing, my interactions and actions. So if you are reading this and wondering what I am on about, its simply a challenge to define ourselves!!Do you know how you are and what you represent? I must add also that who you view yourself as is probably not how people will view you. If you care more about other people’s view of yourself than yours then that is another issue. I frankly don’t but  for the sake of that orderly society I mentioned I will add that I do appreciate honest and constructive criticism.

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