Diary of an Overthinker, Pt 2…What’s In A Name?

Insomnia is a real thing, I know that for sure now. Its 3.28 am and yes I am up again. So the diary is out …Did you know that insomnia is actually a sleep disorder that people see a psychiatrist for? It is either sleeplessness or when a person cannot sleep as long as is desired. You can get medication prescribed in the form of sleeping pills…Well let’s hope it hasn’t come to that for me.

What is on my mind this am? Naming things…


Almost everything that exists in the world has a name. A label, something that defines it. I have no idea why this is on my mind right now, I just know that it is and now that I have thought about it, I want to explore it. What does something without a name look like? When a baby is born, giving a name is a rite of passage. It’s the first step to giving them an identity.

My guess is if you were a person and you had no name, it would be very difficult for people to get to know you. Your name is the first thing most people get to know in first encounters actually. So a nameless thing is actually a strange thing and it would confuse people trying to figure out what to call it.

I hate spending hours trying to define something. I like labels, I like naming things so I know what I am dealing with. Well in life I realise though that this is not always as simple as it sounds. Take the dating scene for example, things that go undefined usually get confusing down the line. But I wonder, what difference does it make to name something? If something is working well and is not broken, what difference would labelling it make?

Well since I have time I could name a few things that could make a difference:

-Naming something means ownership. When you give it a name you give it life, you claim it, it is yours…

-Once you claim something that means you feel secure in the knowledge that it is yours, so security is the other reason why things are or need to be defined/named for what they are…

-Security removes doubt…

-Once you claim something and you feel secure with it then the next thing is accountability. You are accountable for all your actions towards that thing/person/object…whatever it may be. Without ownership there can be no accountability. It means you have nothing to lose…

-Lastly once something is named particularly in a relationship, it takes away the pain that comes with knowing you are not good enough to make someone proud enough to call you their own…

I could be wrong about all these…it might be different cases for different people. I am just an over-caffeinated woman who can’t sleep!!! I know I should stop drinking coffee after 3pm, heard about that somewhere.

Don’t overthink it though…it is just a diary.

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