Diary of an OverThinker…Pt 3 “Happiness comes from within?”

Happiness comes from within!! I have been rolling this over and over in my mind for the past hour. For the first time in my life I am wondering what this even means.  Happiness comes from within implies that you somehow have an inherent ability to create happy thoughts and feelings from right inside you.

But at times I think this is impossible without external forces. How is it possible to create happiness, the type that comes from within, when the external environment is not conducive? You can smile through the chaos; you can smile through tears and be strong when bad things happen. But is that happiness? Your external environment has more to do with your inner peace and therefore happiness than whatever it is that is inside us. The happy chemicals or endorphins come only when they are triggered right?

If I think of the source of happiness: love, peace, forgiveness, friendship, success, etc…all these; then I am convinced that when they say happiness comes from within it means that once you find and create a place in your heart for them, then your world is brighter and therefore happier.  When you decide in your mind to think positive thoughts, to plant seeds of hope and greatness…all these are internal processes. When this takes place inside you then you can experience happiness. Happiness that has nothing to do with who is speaking to you or not speaking to you; who is showing you love and who is not. Happiness that makes you love yourself enough to not stick around messy situations that have the potential to bring unhappiness.

Writing is therapeutic for me. On this page I was able to switch my thinking into a more positive one. Passion is another huge source of happiness. When you find something you love and are passionate about, it brings joy that no outside factor can ever bring.

Its true…happy hearts stay winning!!!!

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