Help…I’m so distracted!!!

Learning how to deal with distractions is a skill, one that I realized I probably need to tap into. The thing with distractions is that they take your eyes away from the goal. By the time you realize it, you are steps behind. My mother used to call these "time wasters" and I did not … Continue reading Help…I’m so distracted!!!


it’s all about talking about what you want

I found this post useful and thought I would share.


Have you ever listened to a piece of music early in your day and ended up hearing that same song, sort of playing in your head, for the rest of the day?

Or, have you noticed how what we talk to other people at one point during the day, end up replaying and bringing similar thoughts for the rest of the day?

What does that mean?

Well, I guess you will agree ? with me that whatever we focus on expands.

That’s why there’s evidence everywhere that…

> the one who talks about happiness has it

> the one who talks about bad health has it

> the one who is on about success is realising it

> the one who complains gets more and more to complain about

So to see progress, growth… in our lives we must start by changing our language.

If what you want to talk…

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