You are enough…Mid-week motivation!!!


You are special and unique

You are enough just as you are…

Your life is so full, you just need to look deeper to see what you have that others wish they had. Its the little things. Celebrate those. Moments of solitude are not meant to discourage you but to build your character. Embrace those, find yourself and revel in your own company. Find out what it is that makes you tick.

You are enough. You have talents and capabilities. Keep yourself busy with those. Don’t buy into the lies sold by the devil, you know those ones he whispers in your ear every morning to discourage you {you are not good enough, you are not smart enough, you are too young, you are too slow}…whatever the case may be for you

Time spent thinking about your weaknesses is time wasted. Nurture your strong points {you are fun to be around, you are a comfort to your friends, you have a nice smile, you can sing a tune}…whatever the case may be for you

Today is special, once it is gone there won’t be another day just like it. There is no time like the present to do that thing you have been putting off.

So what did you do today besides feel sorry for yourself? Don’t you know that you are enough? You are complete as you are.


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