Our Plans Vs Reality…

Your plan
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Lately I have begun to think that being human is the biggest weakness ever. God created us in his image and likeness; we represent him in so many ways. However he did not give us the ability to know or even have the slightest idea what our  tomorrows might look like. I mean, the depth of that weakness just leaves me wondering why I even bother making plans. Why do I even bother preparing for a tomorrow I will never have control over? A tomorrow that I can paint as beautifully as my human mind can master, all positive and joyful…having all my heart’s desires met as any other greedy human being would wish only to find out it doesn’t turn out as I have dreamt it…not even close. What is the point of fantasizing… it seems like a waste of time I’m just saying.The stark reality is that life is nothing like anything we can ever imagine with our limited minds. Life turns out the way it does, it is beyond our wildest imagination.

I remember making plans last year…I saw myself doing so many things, being with wonderful people,having the time of my life. Last few months I had the same plans, even wilder, crazier!!!. Last month I had plans…

None of these plans turned out the way I thought. I am pretty sure some of the things that didn’t happen that was me being saved (truly) but some…I still don’t understand why they didn’t happen as planned.

Through it all, as a believer I do know that God did this to make sure we remember who we are in Him. He is the one who knows it all and if we had the power to control our future we wouldn’t need him. I know that the Christian way is to live in faith…that is to hope in the things we cannot see. And if I can be truly honest I have had some big dreams come true in my life, but I HAD TO WAIT LOOOONG!!!! Well that sure keeps me in my place…

At the end of the day, we still hope and we still dream. When those dreams and hopes come crashing or we have to go through valleys and cross to get there maybe we are learning something along the way. I know I am! If our dreams and hopes never materialize into anything maybe it’s just a sign that there are better things in store for us.

What do I know?

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