Why I decided to be a mentor…

Quote by Jason Early

Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

Mentorship is something I always had an interest in. In fact, when I was growing up I wanted to be mentored by some successful person. As a highly ambitious person, I knew from a young age, that I wanted to do big things and realised early enough that in order to achieve my dreams, I would need to learn from the best. In essence, that was all I knew about mentorship and I wanted it. I never got to have a personal mentor myself but in all honesty, I had a lot of informal mentors in my home{ my mother being the main one}. I just never had a professional mentor giving of their time to assist me.

Fast forward to 2015…about a decade later, I found myself voluntarily signing up to be someone’s mentor. It was a proud moment and that is why I am blogging about it today.

So why did I do it?

  • I just feel that I have a lot to share with the world and I want to explore as many platforms of doing that as I can in this lifetime. I am all about giving back where I can and it starts with really small efforts to see a change in the world one day.
  • Volunteering is a passion for me and when this opportunity to be a volunteer mentor came up I jumped at the idea.
  • The idea of a young person so hungry for knowledge, especially about my area of expertise #socialwork , excites me. It makes me feel like I am making a difference.
  • I love the feeling that I am responsible for the guidance and personal development of another individual and that they look up to me as someone who can actually be their guide.

My mentee is a recent graduate who is trying to enter the field of social development and wonders how she can do it. I will be working with her for a period of six months and I am so excited to start.

This is an open call to anyone who feels the same passion to share what they know. Join me in the mentorship world. It is fulfilling to be in touch with our humanity and share what we know without expecting anything in return. It is such a refreshing thought in this greedy world we currently live in. Volunteer in your community, mentor some youth today, do something for someone just because…Trust me it is worth it!!!

Drop a comment if you want to know more about how you too can become a mentor.

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