Goodbye ‘Yesterbae’

The past has been calling me in the past couple of weeks. I am struggling to come to terms with what it all means…Does it mean I am standing in one place so my past is able to catch up with me? Or it just means that I have lots of ties with my past that I never bothered to cut? The psychological implications of all this are just too deep and I will need time to reflect and come up with the answer.

Whichever it is, I am feeling uneasy about the constant barrage of “Hellos” coming from yester-years. The sound of that phone call from the past is ringing so loud it is blurring my focus. I am wondering if it is me who has issues letting go of the past and moving on or there are things I have to face that I thought were buried in the past. If a pattern has been observed that shows a string of past encounters that are left unresolved and not concluded and keep coming back, surely that is a recipe for distress. How do others deal with this? 

I came across an interesting word/phrase whilst I was reading blogs and articles on the internet:

yesterbae – According to Urban Dictionary this means someone you used to like. It is used as ” that guy is so yesterbae”…LOL. So, i’m not throwing any shade here but this sounds a lot like what I am currently dealing with. I wish I did not have to deal with yesterbaes. I don’t want to live in the past and I do not wish to revisit my past because there is  a reason why it is the past. We all have choices to make in life and I have just made mine.

I want to say “Hello” to new things and I refuse to pick up the call from my past. Its just too much…when-past-comes-calling

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