Can men and women be genuine friends?

I know many people do not believe that a male and a female can be friends. A lot of my friends are male, in fact, most of my closest friends are male and from my side it is purely platonic. All this time I was a firm believer in that a male and female can actually have a fulfilling friendship without the drama that female friends usually bring. But sadly, that illusion has been shattered for me…irreparably considering how I am feeling about it at the moment.

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I heard so many times that when you are friends with a guy, he obviously has feelings for you (the female). And sometimes you have feelings for each other but you both decide you are better off as friends…which sometimes makes for very good, long lasting friendships. And then there are those who have unrequited feelings (he told you how he felt but you decided you are not attracted to him like that and you offer him your friendship instead). These ones are the hardest to deal with because those feelings will not be going anywhere.

There are lots of different scenarios for the friendship between male and female. But back to my story…I once believed that there could be genuine friendship between males and females. But when you have a friend who is constantly trying to blur the friendship line and constantly trying to cross the line that is no longer a healthy friendship. I am brutally honest usually when I am dealing with people close to me and when I feel like my friendship is being taken for granted I lose it. I don’t like people who pretend or fake friendship. I would much rather have someone who says goodbye to me if being friends with me is going to be problematic than to constantly have a “so called friend” make unwanted moves, especially under the influence of alcohol. Call it liquid courage but I think its plain STUPID.

I don’t know after how many attempts can one call the friendship quits but once, twice, three times…nah son!!That friendship is way too complicated, if anyone needed that drama they would just get into a relationship.



2 thoughts on “Can men and women be genuine friends?

  1. Yes true friendship is there, and yes again fake friends are there. It varies and it’s proportional.
    Issue is, are we honest with ourselves. If im honest to myself that doesn’t necessarily mean my friend is honest to him/herself. Along the lines some will come with hidden agendas, and this lot paintbrush everyone

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