My sex appeal is not who I am!

Is it ever possible to live in a world in which a “beautiful” woman can also be regarded as smart, wise and intelligent? I mean, can they ever see past her sex appeal Definition …….to experience the depths she possesses? Is it that once you see her physical beauty, that is all you can focus on?

Is it always that the “beautiful” woman has to live in a world in which men see her and immediately think of sex? That it is largely acceptable because we are just basic creatures acting upon instinct. “Men are visual creatures” …but this is not just a post for men. Women are just as guilty of treating other women as nothing other than physical objects.

I wonder if there are any people left in this world who can see past the physical; who yearn to dance with the mind and soul of a beautiful woman; beautiful both inside and out…People who find beauty in the intelligence and morality of a woman and not just her shell… People who are not intimidated by an intelligent and moral woman but instead are pulled even closer.

For I know she is tired of being defined by her physical beauty. She is so much more than that. As India Irie sang “I am not my hair, I am not my skin, I am not your expectations…” Watch Video

If you are out there and you have any courage to seek a deeper connection, there are still people like us who dare to look beyond the obvious. Delve deeper and ditch the norm.

The Orchid blooms from the inside…free image from


3 thoughts on “My sex appeal is not who I am!

    1. Well I wish I lived in a world where nothing is impossible…in my imagination it exists. btw your link to your post seems to be broken, please resend.


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