That odd moment when God speaks

God speaks in so many different and unexpected forms. I was having such a bad start to my morning and wondered how this day was going to end. After having my cup of coffee I decided to walk away from the negative energy that was surrounding me and the reason for my gloomy mood. I decided to take control of my day. So even though I didn’t need to go into the office today, I decided it was better to spend the day with my head stuck under some books than be annoyed all day. So off to the office I went thinking I would get some reading done and turn all the negativity into something productive.

On my way to the office I passed by a building that I pass by every single day and never pay attention to. But today something made me stop and peer inside and I saw that it was a chapel. I had heard that there was a chapel on campus but I had never thought to go in there and little did I know I actually pass by it every day on my way to the office. .

I just knew then that God was speaking to me and had led me there.The place was so quiet and inviting, so I went inside. There were bibles on each seat and I just picked one and opened to read. I got to spend some time with the Father. He replenished and fed me, he restored my joy. Now I have a secret place where I can go when I feel overwhelmed. A place where I know I will get solace and refuge from the harsh realities of this world.

Just wanted to share this!!!

Lingnan University Chapel

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