“We are going to be excellent, not mediocre”


The above quote by Joyce Meyer (from the book “The Confident Woman”) has just breathed life back into my world. If anything could make me more energetic, its the reminder that I am going to be excellent, not mediocre. That’s my God-given destiny. What is the point of doing anything at all if you are not going to do it well?  However here we are being encouraged to go a bit further than just doing well or good…but to be EXCELLENT!!!

Let’s unpack the meaning of the word excellence. According to the Cambridge English dictionary, excellent refers to something extremely good. Words like “outstanding”, “superb”, “marvellous” are used to describe something excellent. Excellence is the quality of being outstanding, extra-ordinary and standing out. Imagine all these words being used to describe you, your work or your life??? I think that is something to emulate or at least work towards. *Not for societal approval but for personal affirmation and development.

If you know me, you will know that mediocrity is something I do not admire. In anything!!!I am a perfectionist in my own life and if you recall a previous post Why I fall in love with myself everyday…I shared how I dream big and go after my dreams like a madman. This is how life should be. Why should I settle for a mediocre life when I can live the life of my dreams? If the shortness of our lives has taught me anything, it’s that being mediocre is not going to earn me any extra points in the after life.

How does this relate?

A lot of people have been asking me why I am in Hong Kong. I guess now I have a perfect answer. My pursuit of excellence had landed me in Hong Kong where I just began my PhD in Sociology and Social Policy. Yes, the plan is to become a Doctor of Philosophy in my subject because I can. I saw an opportunity and I went for it, even though its in a different continent, different country…

 What is currently stopping you from living your best life?

My humble encouragement for you today…

The world is your oyster and it is never too late to do that thing you love, travel to that country you have always wanted to go to, have that relationship you dream of…you only get one shot at this thing called LIFE! So go hard or go home; make it do or die, give it all or nothing..etc. All the things you want are only a decision away. If you believe nothing can stop you…obstacles will look like opportunities (fact!!!)


2 thoughts on ““We are going to be excellent, not mediocre”

  1. I do get the same questions and I have an almost perfect answer. I do know there are more reasons but I am only aware of one. That is, I am here in Hong Kong because I can. I await divine inspiration for the other reasons. Until then…all those that ask should deal with the fact that I am here and there is no going back.

    On a lighter note, I guess I am also here to meet you… My Zimbabwean princess, DGG.

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