The year 2016: my reflection.

2016 started off on a bad note for me but I am happy to say I am ending it better than I started it. How does one know whether its been a good year or a bad year? For me and others I have seen blogging about the end of 2016; it’s about counting the successes, achievements and new beginnings during the year over the failures, disappointments and closures. That is how you can say ” I had a good 2016/ I had a bad 2016″.

Looking back to how my 2016 has gone, I can say on the whole, it was a good year. Here’s why:

  • Got a prestigious scholarship at the beginning of the year to study for my PhD
  • Moved to Asia, currently loving the city of Hong Kong where I am based. Learning to be part of a different society full of exciting opportunities for growth
    A view from Hong Kong harbour
  • Solidified my relationship with God which is an important part of my life. Found a Christian church where I am happy in fellowship with other God-fearing people.

These were all moments of happiness and celebration. My life basically revolves around my ambitions, my family and my God.

With some colleagues from Lingnan University 

You will notice that I only had three successes to note. These are just the BIG moments I had in 2016. But, I want to add that every single day that I was above ground was a success, every day I was healthy, had a roof over my head, food and shelter…was a SUCCESS. We tend to focus more on the big things and the things we take for granted are HUGE because if I was not alive or healthy I would not be able to experience the big successes that I had #foodforthought

I also had disappointments and moments where I had to close chapters. I lost friends but earned new ones as well. I have to state that, new friends do not replace old ones because everyone has their role to play in your life. I cherish the lessons in every experience I have had with anyone that is no longer a part of my inner circle. I am once again also separated from my family, but that is the story of my life.

Here are a few lessons I learnt in this year:

  • Loyalty is everything. Your word is your bond and if you are a disloyal person you erode your own conscience.
  • If you want something bad enough PRAY, WORK, PRAY!!! that’s my formula and it works.
  • Forgiveness frees you…let it go!!!
  • When you are angry, think about whether the situation will matter in 5 days, 5 months or 5 years. If not,then pick your battles.

It’s 2 days to my birthday as we enter into 2017. I look forward to a beautiful year and more good things. My goal for 2017 is to learn Mandarin and explore different parts of Asia.

Golden Beach

Peace and love…and Happy New Year!!




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