Month: February 2017

Am I doing a Ph.D. or A Ph.D. is doing me…

It was during my daily dose of binge reading articles and other serious academic stuff that I came across an article on dating Ph.Ds and why that may not be a good idea. I am not going to comment on the dating part(story for another day).  One thing the author mentioned was how she felt lost in her Ph.D. and that everything around her started to pale in comparison. No matter how much she tried to balance a social life and her academic work, she just ended up finding herself on a date and her topic of discussion would be…guess what…her thesis!!!

This got me thinking,  I am 6 months into my P.hD. and this lady’s story bitmoji-20170208101100struck so many nerves, you can find it here The perils of dating a PhD student .

So where does the academic life start and end? Where do you draw the line?

Back when I was a social worker, I found it hard to balance my social work identity and my own personal identity. I wrote once about how I would at times, talk to my friends and loved ones as if they were clients The Social Work Dilemma. Now as a Ph.D. student I find myself trying to balance my social life with my academic life. Where does one begin and the other end?

At times I find myself still up at 2 am, thinking about my topic (sigh…yeah it’s that bad). Some of my nocturnal ideas are useful, most are not. At times I just want to talk about other things, with other people with more interesting lives than mine. But most times, I end up talking about my topic or something related to academia. In all honesty, there is always a fear that if I talk about other mundane stuff, maybe I am wasting time that I could be reading another paper or researching that other angle.

Before I started, I told myself I would never be one of those stuffy, boring academics. Now, I wear glasses (well, I do have an eye problem for real) which make me look like the serious academic type even if I am not trying to be.


I guess my blog remains the one place where I can still take a break, but hey…look what I am blogging about today. That same Ph.D stuff(LOL). Well, it’s only six months in, I might get better with time but as of right now, guess this is my life.

If you have any tips for me, please drop me a message.

Till next time,