Remembering Ireland…in pictures

I have always wanted to do a pictorial of the time I spent in Ireland…that was a beautiful place which I will always remember. In the true sense of the word “pictorial”…I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Weekends at Woolshade supporting Manchester United…
That one time it snowed..
Canty’s Bar

Bar hopping in Cork City


Youth Christian Group
Christmas 2014 with friends
Christmas 2014 with Magatte Faye
10685400_10204818140029999_5444069840945221664_n (1)
University College Cork campus
photo 1
Castlewhite Apartments…

Castlewhite Apartments


The Lough…
Halloween 2014
Apartment 51 Housemates

Whew…I just realized there are just too many memories to pack up in one post. In a nutshell, my life in Ireland was fun, I had friends who brought sunshine and laughter into my life and the best housemates anyone could have asked for. I also had new experiences and met new people. There was a time I thought I would go back to Ireland in a heartbeat just to relive these experiences again. The ultimate product of my time there is below and I am grateful to God for the opportunity.

Masters in Social Policy
I always thought I would go back to Ireland one day…but I think this post is my final goodbye. My time there will always be on my mind but its time to make new memories in Hong Kong…

PS: if you have a pic of me when I was in Ireland that I didn’t add here, please inbox me.


5 thoughts on “Remembering Ireland…in pictures

  1. Beautiful pictures and congratulations on your Masters. It looks like you had a great stay there. All those experiences I get to watch on TV you got to live them and took in all of it. Wishing you all the best in Hong Kong. The world is your oyster Getty 🙂

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