Month: April 2017

“You must be rich to study in Hong Kong”…

Well, this is another opinion piece about Chinese people I have met during my stay in Hong Kong (disclaimer, *the ones I have met, I am not generalising at all). I cannot count the number of times I have been asked how I ended up in Hong Kong and how I must be rich to have made it in Hong Kong. I am tired of explaining my “African” presence to Chinese people who know nothing about Africans and their work ethic, but I will try in this blog (sigh).

So I am African and I must come from a “noble” family to be able to afford to study in Hong Kong. Granted, Hong Kong is a very expensive place to live and to study and I get where these sentiments may be coming from, but forgive me if I note a bit of condescending in this too. What makes you (Chinese people I have met) think that an African cannot afford to study in Hong Kong? That they must have some “royal” blood to be able to secure a place in a Hong Kong university? I mean that just sounds ridiculous and insulting.

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Africans have been studying in so many other cosmopolitan cities for years and how they do it, in my opinion, is purely hard work and dedication. You think I just woke up one day with a ticket to Hong Kong handed to me? You insult my intelligence and qualifications. I blame the narrative that has been put out there about Africans as these poor, down-trodden beings who cannot amount to anything unless they are royalty. I mean what royalty? Do you even know if there is a royal family in the country I am from? Oh, I forgot…you think Africa is a country. (sigh)

Let me clarify…I am in Hong Kong because I worked hard to be here. I got the place at my university on merit and how I can afford it is really not your business.  You should be asking me how we can work together to motivate others to chase their dreams and work hard, not spread the myth that for Africans to be among you they must be rich. That is ignorant!!! I absolutely hate it when human beings stereotype other human beings just because they are different and put them in these messy little boxes.  Yes, I wish I came from a rich family and that was the reason why I am in Hong Kong, because that would fit right into the box you want to put me in. But, truth is, I don’t come from a rich family. Now you can scratch your head wondering how it is that I am here breathing the same air that you are breathing.

*If I sound angry, it is because I am!!


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Child, what is it that you seek?



I realise I have been searching for something…I don’t know what exactly.
I have probably been searching for it my whole life. I just know it…
It’s a feeling I get, that something is missing. A gap, a hole…that needs filling.

You feel lonely in a room full of people, you feel misunderstood because everyone you meet just can’t seem to fill the hole, the space. It just seems to grow bigger each time.
There are times when you meet someone who makes an honest attempt to complete your existence. You acknowledge their effort and hope that the feeling of nothingness will go away…
But it remains…
Maybe, just maybe…you begin to realise that you are the only one who can make you feel whole.
The search will go on forever if you are not complete on your own before attempting to interact on a deeper level with another.
It’s a tough job to try a complete a human being, you would have to know completely what made the hole appear in their life. It is a mammoth task.

The search for meaning? The search for fulfillment? The search for purpose?
As long as I or you are searching, depending on whether we look in the right place…which is not in the world or within others…but within ourselves
Maybe, just maybe…we can both find what we are searching for.

Just don’t drive yourself crazy in the process #notetoself