Month: June 2017

Of life, death and meaning…

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There is no real substance
Substance and emptiness cannot co-exist, Or can they?
The sense of constant loss remains
And I ask, why do I keep losing?
When will I also gain?

A friend sent me a poem
Written from the heart
It was beautiful, I wanted it to heal me
But I realized I cannot heal before I allow myself to feel
Feel the pain, the emotion, the grief
But when it hurts too much, we…or more appropriately “I” tend to choose to avoid
Allowing myself to feel is to open myself to vulnerability
Another friend asked me, what if there is a strength in being vulnerable? 

Asked me to consider that…I replied that I would try, 

What I write is my expression of that vulnerability 

Grief is a new concept for me
But I know what it is like to lose
Lose that which you held dear
It hurts each time and they say it gets better with time
You stay open and hopeful
And you try again, to live a life of substance, although knowing you can lose what you hold dear at any moment. We have no control! All we have left are memories!