Exploring Mindfulness

I recently stumbled across my consciousness; not that it ever went anywhere, but I came face to face with it for the first time as an adult.  All I can say is WOW!! I wonder, how have I been living all this while??? Since I started tapping into my spiritual being, for that is what she is, I am in awe of the power and peace I have living inside me. And it has been in there all this while…

We are too busy, we cannot even stop to smell the roses or be fully present in the moment. We are always in a hurry to do this and that. One day I found myself really stopping and listening…I looked within…I spoke to the inner being…my consciousness, and I feel rejuvenated. And the funny thing is, I think it all happened by accident. I was in my feelings about something, I was doing what I do best…overthinking…and it just HAPPENED. I think it was the right time and I welcomed it.  Now I am practicing it.

When you practice stillness and mindfulness, nothing just happens to you. You are aware of every emotion; good or bad. You reflect on moments; pleasant or otherwise. You realize you are ALIVE, for a reason, not just EXISTING. You experience LIFE for what it is.


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Since my discovery of my spiritual being, I have changed my mindset. I worry less and I take care of my mind and body more. Gone are the days of mindless scrolling on social media, looking at people I don’t even talk to, living their fake or not so fake lives. Point is, it no longer matters to me. I now evaluate what goes into my mind, because I understand now more than ever, that what I feed into it, becomes ME. I would rather listen to a motivational podcast when I have my morning coffee than follow social media gossip or text someone whose conversation I do not enjoy, just because it is polite to do so.  There has been a shift.

I have found myself, in the sense that, I am now fully aware of what I want and what I don’t want. Guess I can say I have finally matured…

So, if you notice a slight difference in me, this is why. I am WOKE….finally!!!


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