What do you do when feeling a lack of motivation?

I woke up this Sunday morning challenged with a lack of motivation. I am right this moment attempting to turn that lack of motivation into something I can work with, by writing this unmotivated blog.  But in a way, it is motivated by my lack of motivation (mmmh, there is a smart thought). Writing has always been a way for me to express how I feel, you can read more about that in this post if you missed it I used to write…

Anyway, back to my current state of being unmotivated (is that a word?). Sundays are meant for relaxation or so they say. But, here I am,  failing to relax or find a reason to relax because I actually have a lot to do this morning. I am just lacking the motivation to do any of it. And that feeling sucks…

So I decided to watch a sermon from my favorite preacher, Pastor Steven Furtick. Doing that usually motivates me a great deal, but today I just could not pay attention to the message. I took my phone instead and started scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Now that is a sure way to feel even lazier and demotivated. People’s lives and constant self-praise is not doing anything to motivate me this morning and to be fair, it is not their job to motivate me. So I put down the phone.

I start thinking a) is it the pressure to always be doing something that is creating this feeling of unease in me? b) who says I have to be up and busy on this Sunday morning, when I can just stay in bed until I feel tired of doing nothing?

tired of doing nothing
Image from Pinterest

Sigh, none of it is working. What do you guys do when you are feeling unmotivated?

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