BlogTember Challenge…let’s get writing!

I have decided to join the Afrobloggers BlogTember Challenge for 2018. Look, I needed a burst of inspiration to write something, anything because I have been having the craziest writer’s block ever. So, shout out to Afrobloggers for this much-needed push to write a blog a day. The moment I saw it, I jumped onto my page with an energy I haven’t felt in a while. While I understand writing a blog every day is going to be a huge challenge, this is just the push that I needed to put some words on this page.


Photo credit @Afrobloggers on Twitter


The theme for this month is Africa: Stories from home. According to @AfroBloggers twitter feed, this theme is aimed at helping the world better understand Africa. I am excited because I have always identified as a pro-African writer myself. Most of my posts, although based in a location other than Africa, are always rooted in my African origins and on my being a Zimbabwean. This means I will not be blogging outside of my comfort zone.

Here’s what you can look forward to in my BlogTember Challenge:

  • personal stories from my time at home in Zimbabwe including my experience of returning home from the diaspora for a period [you do not want to miss this]!!
  • memories from my time in Cape Town, South Africa where I lived and worked for five years of my adult life
  • my experiences in some African countries I have been fortunate enough to travel to[showcasing the beauty of our continent] and the ones I still want to visit
  • my aspirations for the continent of Africa and what inspires me
  • anything else that comes to mind during this month as long as it falls within the theme

Hope you are as excited as I am. I really hope I maintain the momentum and blog every day without fail.  I cannot wait to read other blogs on this challenge too. Here’s to Day 1 and happy writing to all the bloggers joining this BlogTember challenge.

4 thoughts on “BlogTember Challenge…let’s get writing!

    1. Thank you very much. I have some general ideas on what I want to write but I understand now that there will be daily topics. You will post the prompts on the twitter page, I will be checking every day. Super excited.

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  1. Hehehe I can feel the energy in your blog post Getty and I must say I love how you introduced the challenge. It’s a sure way to keep your readers hooked. I for one am looking forward to reading about your experience working in Cape Town, that must have been a dream.

    I’m also doing a personal blog everyday challenge for September. It’s my third year doing this and you might like to check it out when you’re free.

    All the best on the challenge. It’s going to be fun 🙂

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