Dealing with anxiety

Stress is an everyday part of adulting. Ever since I became an adult, I am stressed out about one thing or the other. I know anxiety and stress are two different things, but for me they are two sides of the same coin. When I am stressed, I become anxious. I lose my confidence and that makes me even more anxious.

Somehow I do manage to make it through the day, which means I am sort of dealing with my anxiety issues. I am not on any anxiety medication and I am not in therapy (although I have considered both options). So, here are some of the ways that I deal with my own anxiety:

  • Music : I have a few songs that lift my mood instantly and remind me that I am fearless. Some of them get me to dance my anxieties away. Check them out, you may just enjoy them too.
  1. Etana- I rise
  2. It’s a great day- Ja Vinci
  3. Jonathan Nelson – I believe
  4. Sia-Unstoppable


  • Sleep
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There are some days when I just cannot deal. If I am not needed anywhere urgently, I just switch off the whole world and take several naps. Some of my anxiety is caused by a lack of sleep, so when I catch up on sleep, I can think clearer.

  • Letting go: As a self-confessed control-freak, I find this one the most difficult to do. But, it works. I find that when I am stressed or anxious about something, letting go of the need to control the situation offers a change of perspective. There is a popular saying that we like but few of us manage to apply it to our lives:

serenity prayer words

Easier said than done, but I have won many battles just by letting go. Some things really do sort themselves out without the need for me to worry myself to death.

  • Social Support : My social circle helps me to deal with anxiety. I know I said I am not in therapy, but I do vent to my friends (A LOT) when I am going through something. I have two best friends: one has a way of helping me analyse situations from an objective, unemotional stand-point and the other helps me with the nurturing, but strict, no-nonsense advice. I don’t have many friends but the few that I have are a blessing.
  • Meditation and prayer: I have said this one before, your girl is a very spiritual person. Once I centre myself and focus on things not of this world, I always find a way out of the anxiety maze. Praying has a mysterious way of bringing calm and peace into my soul. It works for me.

How do you deal with anxiety? Any cool tricks?

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2 thoughts on “Dealing with anxiety

  1. Seeking solitude by finding peace within your own self. Managing anxiety can be very difficult at times due to the state of mind. Sleeping heals, don’t let your anxiety define you rather you define it, that will make it easier to comprehend. The thought about almighty and your existence in this world will give you better insight to understand your material expectations in comparison to your spiritual advantages. Although the process are quite explicit but totally worth giving a shot.

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  2. Yes, I find solitude to be very helpful too. And I agree with you, most times it is our state of mind that disturbs us. thanks for sharing your cool tricks.


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