Forgive them for they know not what they do~Luke 23:24

Sometimes if we really want people to learn how much their actions affect others, we must be willing to do the hardest thing. We must be willing to forgive the unforgivable, just so that they can learn the true meaning of grace and maybe one day seek it for themselves. The toughest thing is to let them in when it hurts the most, that moment you feel like shutting the door if you leave it open just a little bit…maybe, just maybe they will change.

I never used to have faith in people changing. As the saying goes,

a leopard never changes its spots.

But I find myself feeling compassion for those who have hurt me the most, wanting them to know and find the peace I have found for themselves. Also, realising that I might never benefit from their newness when they change, they might benefit other people and not myself. But I still want them to have it.

Forgiveness is hard but it helps the giver more than it does the receiver. Letting go is healing. It may not feel that way at the time, but with time:

  •  you realise that you are free from bitterness, resentment and pain…
  • you realise their actions do not control you and never had the power to…
  • you realise you can bend but never break…
  • you realise you had kept yourself in a mental prison of which the key was in your hand the whole time…
  • you realise that love is about pain and those who you love will hurt you the most, but you will heal, only if you do not give in to resentment and let go.

I always thought I had the power to get over anything. Physical pain heals faster than emotional pain. But pain is pain and as humans, if we could choose we would choose none of it. Even forgiving people who do not deserve forgiveness is painful. But we still have to do it, not for them but for ourselves.

So with that being said, I forgive you and I choose happiness over sadness.  The tears may come but we smile through them. We carry on living.


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