The text message: a mind game.

She grew tired of waiting for that text message from him. A week turned into two and two weeks into a month. Some days she would watch her phone willing the text to come in. This text was becoming even more important by the day because it would reassure her that it was not her fault. She needed that text message to reassure her that she was enough, that she did nothing wrong…but it never came.  Some nights she would call his name in the dark while lying on her bed as if he would hear and respond by texting.

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She started reading, almost neurotically about how to deal with this. She could not even name “this”, was this rejection? Nah, that was a bit too much, she thought. Anyway, she read on The Law of Attraction and it states that

the best way to attract things to ourselves is to let go

…how ironic!! How will I attract something by letting it go, she thought? The universal law of attraction states that by letting go of the need to have that thing or person, you inevitably give it the freedom to find you. Sounded like a load of B.S but she decided to try it. She was desperate…Anything to stop from feeling the way she did.

So she actively worked on letting go. She first deleted his number, to stop herself from texting him first and making a fool out of herself. She willed herself to hate everything about him so she would forget about him. She started making lists daily of all the things she hated about him and it felt so good. She started watching movies like:

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Months went on and she finally managed to convince herself that she was over it, over him and did not need him to text her ever again. He no longer existed in her world and she felt more confident in who she was and what she was doing. The law of attraction did not bring him back, but she no made up her mind to “no longer seek that which is not seeking her” and with that, she was really confident that she had grown as an individual.

Then he texted…

All of a sudden all that she had accomplished fell apart. She was confused all over again. She started wondering what she should do. She considered two options:

a) bluetick him?    


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b) respond and hear what he has to say? Maybe something had happened to him…maybe he had fallen into a ditch and only just managed to climb out? There must be an explanation, right?

What would you advise her to do? Drop a message below.

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