Korean barbecue, soju and great conversations…

A few months ago I wrote about my not so active time in Hong Kong and how I hardly write about Hong Kong…

In that post I promised myself that I would do more to explore this city whilst I am still here. I am happy to say that I have managed to do a little bit of that and I am going to share one interesting cuisine experience. Hong Kong is known for its variety of restaurants, featuring exquisite cuisines from many different places. In fact, one article HERE describes Hong Kong as:

… a dining paradise with one of the highest ratios of restaurants per head in the world.

So, when I was invited to go for a Korean barbecue which in itself is a unique dining experience, I jumped at the offer.


How it works is that you order your own selection of raw meats and vegetables from the waiter and cook them on your own as you eat. The cuts of meat are soft so they don’t take long to prepare. So you and your friends will be cooking together and eating whatever is done as you go on with your conversation. I am happy to say that my chopstick skills have improved tremendously with a lot of private practice (away from the experts, haha). I was able to enjoy the meal using chopsticks.


The highlight of the night for me was tasting soju (a Korean vodka-like liquor). Some people take it neat and others (like we did) mix it with Hite (A Korean beer).  My research has told me that this process of mixing soju with beer is called “manufacturing” and the outcome is called somac. I liked the flavor and it really went well with the selection of meats (pork, beef) and vegetables we were having.

The restaurant is called Seorae in Wanchai. I loved the setup of leather stools which open up at the top to store your handbag (Ladies!!, there will be no need to hold your handbag on your lap as you enjoy your evening). The restaurant is so spacious and they play cool music creating a jovial atmosphere. We went on a Saturday and it was not super packed. You do have to make a reservation beforehand.

Image from openrice.com

I believe every good dinner needs to be accompanied by good conversation and my friends did not disappoint. We chatted about everything from politics to how our 2019 is going so far. It was positive vibes all around. Most people in the restaurant came in groups, so it seems to be a good place for group outings.

Now I know what to do when in Korea, but I didn’t even leave Hong Kong, haha. This is a must-do if you ever find yourself in these parts or anywhere else in the world where they have Korean barbecue.


3 thoughts on “Korean barbecue, soju and great conversations…

  1. Beaton says:

    Interesting experience and while reading I thought hey but we been having it, well not in sophisticated surroundings but Kugango you select the meat you want, and barbecue it over a cold beverage and conversation.
    The idea of stools which open up is great I have been asked to look after a handbag while its owner was gone, if it disappears on your watch…… real drama


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