A cup of tea and the Holy Spirit

Enjoying a cup of honey rose tea

I have been a Christian for many years and I am still amazed by how much more there is to learn and know about God’s kingdom. I have been reading a book by Dave Roberson titled The Walk of the Spirit, The Walk of Power: The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues and I must tell you, this book has opened up a whole new realm of understanding about my relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I have always thought of the Holy Spirit as that quiet voice that tells me what is the right thing to do or that nudge that I get to wake up and pray. I have also experienced the Holy Spirit as a calming presence which usually manifests in tears falling down my cheeks for some reason when I am praying. However, the tears also bring an amazing sense of peace that embraces me ever so dearly, like a close friend. I also know that when I invite the Holy Spirit, He is always there.

While reading Roberson’s book, however, I am getting to learn of the Holy Spirit as a powerful mover and shaker, the force that can shake things around in the spirit realm, the supernatural power that can mean the difference between success and failure, breakthrough or downfall. I am also learning about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual gift of tongues and the role that praying in tongues plays in a believer’s life. One thing that has stuck with me is the fact that praying in tongues allows the Holy Spirit to intercede on my behalf, and that it edifies my soul. That last bit is the one that made me go to get a cup of tea and take time to ponder what this all means.


Play ed·i·fy


To edify is defined as to instruct someone in a way that enlightens them or uplifts them morally, spiritually or intellectually.

This is so profound for me because I have seen the way my spirit can be lifted, my mood can be shifted and my hope can be renewed just by the power of prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit. It also means the Holy Spirit can enlighten me by showing me things that I would not have seen otherwise or teach me new things. This makes me so glad to know that not only do I get a spiritual companion, I also get to improve myself and become a better version of myself just by spending more time communing with the Holy Spirit.

I am going through a weird phase in my life where it seems to be all about learning and unlearning. I am becoming someone else and I feel like the Lord is redirecting me. It has not been easy, I am facing a lot of challenges, but hey, on the days when I choose to worship through the chaos, I see things moving on their own in my life. It is amazing and God is amazing.

What has been your experience with the Holy Spirit?

6 thoughts on “A cup of tea and the Holy Spirit

  1. I have had plenty experiences with him. But I would say feeling his tangible presence is the greatest. My greatest Love language with the Holy Spirit is physical touch. And when l feel his presence it’s when I feel closest to him. The bad side or lack of a better word is it’s not always like that and I have learned to accept. This is because he is multi-faceted hence sometimes a word from him is what’s best for me, which can be an affirming word or even directive or even a dream or vision.

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    1. Physical tough as in you actually feel his touch? That is so deep!! And I have to agree with you that it is not always easy to hear or feel the Spirit. He is indeed multi-faceted, it is intriguing. Thanks for your comment and for passing by.


  2. The Lord consumes me with his tangible presence Words can not describe the wonder of the holy spirit . Love worshipping him Worship leads me to his secret place where i just pour out all i am to him and there he fights my battles and restores me.
    Our Lord is the fullness of joy and in his presence is pleasures forevermore. As I became intentional with my pursuit of his presence
    The holy spirit reveals himself in everything i do, reading the word he ensures i understand and partner with him for his word to fulfill his will.
    I love the Lord and long to know more of him .He always moves us from glory to glory in him
    God bless you and may his grace and peace continue to keep us

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  3. ‘Everything is within you but you don’t have the sight [to see].’ – (Holy scripture)
    – There are 7 realms:

    The Realm of Divine Unity,
    The Realm of Hahoowiyat,
    The Realm of Souls,
    The Realm of Angels,
    The Terrestrial Realm and
    The man himself. i.e The realm of example (where we human live) This universe
    God has placed keys to the other 6 realms within man in the form of souls (spirits)

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