The big and life-changing moves I’ve had…

If you have been following this blog you will know that for the past ten or so years, my life has been a series of big moves. I feel like I have been living in my suitcase and living a semi-nomadic life which has affected my social life. Just to give a brief history (because context is key) 2005 saw me moving from my home country, Zimbabwe to pursue my undergraduate studies in neighbouring South Africa. My early adulthood years were more stable than the later years because I managed to live in South Africa for 9 years after that, which made it my second home. South Africa became the place I experienced most of my early adult traumas and achievements. But, in 2014, the wanderlust and ambition kicked in and I moved to the Republic of Ireland. If you are interested in reading more about that particular move, you can read this post right HERE.

I did not stay for too long in Ireland because my Masters’ program was a year long. I decided to move back to Zimbabwe in October 2015 for a brief period. I knew that going to Zimbabwe would only be a temporary move because life in my country has not been the same since I left. Anyway, I quickly sought opportunities to leave again and by God’s grace, I was out of Zimbabwe in July 2016 on my way to Hong Kong. Now, this was a drastic move because not only had I never been to Asia, I was also going to begin my PhD studies (in a foreign land, where I did not know a single soul or speak the language). Yes, that is the story of my adventurous life.  I stayed in Hong Kong for three years as some of you may know, and at the beginning of 2020, I made another bold move back to my second home, South Africa.

Someone would wonder why I have moved around so much and not settled in one place. Well, the answer to that is that I am a seeker. I love finding opportunities and seeking out new experiences. I don’t believe in staying in a comfort zone just because it is familiar.

I move also because I am not a tree, but even trees extend their roots underneath the soil and connect to new sources of nutrition.

I go where I find opportunities, I don’t just move. My current move comes with a career opportunity which I am very grateful for. After completing the PhD, I fell into a bit of a slump because I had no idea what the future held. But thank God that He always knows my future and He was already paving a way for me to be where I am now.

So, as I write this, I am in Johannesburg, South Africa where I plan to stay for a while. Before I left South Africa in 2014, I lived in Cape Town, so Johannesburg is a new experience for me.  My previous moves were all for academic reasons. Now that I am done studying 👩🏽‍🎓, maybe this is the place I will finally call home?  Well, we will just have to wait and see. I do hope that I will not be making another big move anytime soon because I recently developed an unhealthy fear of aeroplanes since the Ethiopian airlines crash last year. If I can help it, I would want to be on solid ground for a while.

Johannesburg is great so far, I am experiencing it as a place filled with new possibilities and new challenges. I don’t have any friends here so I am looking forward to making new ones. I have already started using up my social networks to meet new people and it is going great so far. I also have family living in Johannesburg, so settling in is going smoothly. I will take my time to get settled and find my place in this fast-paced city.  I am excited to include a new category on my blog about living in Johannesburg, so I hope that will be fun.  I know a lot of people have heard stories about Joburg being rife with crime and xenophobia, but I hope that I will be able to integrate into this society. I don’t speak Zulu or Sipedi, but I can understand enough to have a conversation (with me answering in English of course)☺️.

I leave you with a recent picture of me in Johannesburg because your girl has already started exploring the city.