Rose-tinted glasses

red rose with black leaves on grey textile
Photo by lalesh aldarwish on

I was seeing you through rose-tinted glasses

What a perfect illusion you painted.

It’s only when you said something that made me take a step back, remove the lens through which I was seeing you as flawless;

Only then did I start to see.

Now I see you clearly, the bubble burst.

I see the real you and the honeymoon is over.

Now I see the cracks and realise that I had put you on a pedestal.

An idol made of pure gold you had become.

Now, perhaps what makes you human is what I can grow to love.

That is the real you, not the representative you sent to meet me every day.

And if I can love you as flawed as I am, maybe we can build something beautiful; together.

Reality is not pretty, the truth an ugly sight.

I touched a beautiful rose and was pricked by one of its thorns.

The rose didn’t lose its beauty and I still love roses.

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