Juggling multiple roles…

I have become that person who is juggling multiple roles at the same time. I caught myself today, trying to understand how I got to this stage. How did I go from a time of not knowing what to do with myself (more about that stage of my life HERE ), to having multiple things to do. It is true that when you take the time to look inward, you will realise that you have all the resources you need to be great and useful.

It is also when I turned my passion into a purpose that it all started to make sense.

These days, I do not have a shortage of things to do. Here are some of the current roles that I am juggling:

Content Creator

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I create content for the postgraduate support project that I and my friend Uchechi started in 2018. We did not always know what to do for the students that we support when we started, but time has taught us many things. GSRPG network is an online platform for supporting postgraduate students from the Global South and it is my passion these days. I find so much joy in creating content for students who are struggling with their Masters or PhD degrees because I have been there myself. Our project is still growing and we hope to continue to do more, but we are making good progress. Currently, I write on the project blog (still under construction), but you can take a look HERE.  Uchechi and I also manage our Twitter and Instagram pages for the project. Between these pages and my own personal social media pages, I find that I don’t even have time to be idle. I am really focused on building this project because it is for a good cause.

Higher Education Consultant

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Linked with the above, I am also an education consultant for the postgraduate project.

This was basically one way of creating jobs for ourselves.

We hope to grow in this area as well as finding more ways to mentor the students that we are supporting. The consulting part involves assisting students with their thesis and writing projects. I do editing and proofreading of dissertations and at the moment, I am working on a PhD thesis that is over 300 pages. We are also working on creating courses and learning materials for postgraduate students. I feel fulfilled because I am using my experience in writing and editing. You will be surprised by how many students need this service, but do not know where to get it, especially the students from developing countries in Africa and South-East Asia.


Big Data Researcher Profile

My day job involves doing my own research and working on academic publications. When I am not working on my passion project, I work on academic articles that focus on child protection, orphans and vulnerable children, children without parental care and care leavers. I enjoy my work because I am also passionate about the subject. I only dislike the publish or perish mentality that is in academia because it comes with so much pressure.  I am also involved in a couple of group projects which require my attention. That means a lot of reading and…writing.


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I am currently struggling through my first manuscript and it has not been easy at all. I have not had time to just switch off and focus on the book project, but it is progressing slowly. I also have a couple of group book projects that I have in the works, we will just have to see how it goes.

With these four major roles, I usually find myself swamped during the week. I try and make time to rest and spend time with my family and significant others, but I have become quite the busy bee. I guess I have to glorify God for bringing all the opportunities he has brought along the way. And this last bit of advice is for all graduates:

 When you seek out opportunities, focus on serving or helping others. That way, you will never say “I have nothing to do”. There is always a worthy cause out there that deserves your attention. Work and fulfillment come when you are busy serving others.

Until next time


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