Winter Blogging Challenge 2020: The Introduction Pledge

Day 1 Winter Blogging Challenge

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I am making this pledge, first thing this morning before I do any other work. This is an important and exciting pledge for me at this stage of life, during quarantine and COVID-19 times.  The winter blogging challenge, for those of you who may not know about it, is a writing exercise that goes on for the whole month and is facilitated by Afro bloggers. Bloggers are given prompts to write on every day and share with others who are taking part. It is such a great way to read new content from different bloggers around Africa and virtually meet them too. Last time I joined the challenge, I followed many new bloggers and enjoyed engaging with their stories from different parts of the continent. I look forward to that this year.

So here is my pledge ✋🏾

  • I pledge to take part in this year’s winter blogging challenge.
  • I pledge to write every day, even when I do not feel like it (because I know that there will be days like that).
  • I pledge to make this exercise meaningful by learning something new about myself and others.
  • I pledge to create well thought out and relatable pieces that will last beyond this challenge and possibly impact someone who reads them.
  • I pledge to be my usual authentic self and let the uniqueness of my voice and writing speak for itself.

And for the benefit of new readers, here is a recent picture of myself. I will be blogging from Johannesburg, South Africa. Let’s get acquainted😊




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