My favourite non?-local food…

Day 3: Winter Blogging Challenge

Today’s post was hard for me. Mostly because I hardly take the time to think about food. I’m one of those weird people who hate, dislike food. I eat to survive and not because I love food. My mum always used to complain about how I’ve been such a picky eater since I was a child. I struggle to finish my food and by the time I am done almost done with it, it’s usually cold and unpalatable.

So, I went to Google to find some inspiration for today post because I really don’t have a type of food that I would die if I don’t get it. Yes, I love pasta and prawns, but saying that’s my favourite food will be a stretch. There is a name for the condition where someone just doesn’t like food- they are called picky eaters or nibblers. Yea, those people who can go a whole day on a salad or slice of bread and just can’t be bothered to eat. Others call them light eaters or people who have bird appetite. And yes, this might all be unbelievable to you because we live in a world where everyone, seemingly loves food.

To be fair, there are some times when I do taste something so tasty that I really enjoy it for that moment. But I wouldn’t call it my favourite food. The last meal I ate that was shockingly, super tasty like that was when I was in Malaysia. Penang is known as the food capital of Malaysia and I tasted the best seafood I have ever had. That means a lot coming from me.

And the other thing I absolutely love to eat will be another shocker for those who love food. I’m a sucker for a good salad. I usually go for a Ceasar salad with variations of either salmon or chicken. I can feel you judging me and thinking a salad is not food, but that’s the beauty of this challenge. It brings out the different personalities and perspectives of different people. I hope you embrace my salad- eating self as I embrace you with all your starchy food, lol.

Salmon caesar salad

I have enjoyed reading other people’s food posts. I wish I had the stomach to eat all of them, but I wouldn’t mind a taste. 

Until tomorrow,




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