Five bloggers from my country


I wanted to sit this one out today, only because the concept of country and home has been confusing for me. I am a blogger born in one country but living in another. So I thought, do I write about bloggers in the country where I am living in or my country of origin. Sticking to my roots, I decided to write about five bloggers from Zimbabwe, the country of my birth. There are many talented writers coming out of the teapot-shaped country and I do like to keep up with news and stories of home even though I am away. So here are my five bloggers from Zimbabwe:

  1. Becoming the Muse by Beaton. I like how he opens up his posts with “If you were having coffee with me…” which always makes me feel like I am sitting down with him and getting an update on what has been going on in Zimbabwe. He also writes some fascinating book reviews regularly. I have gotten some interesting must-reads from reading his book reviews. He is definitely a blogger you want to follow if you are not already doing so.
  2. Review with Nash by Tinashe. I recently got to know about Tinashe and his blog when he did a bloggers excel where he interviewed some bloggers in Zimbabwe about how they started blogging and a couple of other interesting questions. You can read my interview HERE. His writing is relatable and has made for enjoyable reading.
  3. Makaita Rogue by Makaita. Once in a while, I like to go to Makaita’s blog and get lost in her short stories. She is an amazing writer with a vivid imagination. I love how she is unapologetic and embraces her feminism quite boldly. She also comments on social issues in a satirical way. In my opinion, she is one of the best creatives we have in the Zimbabwean blogging scene.
  4. Basic Girl by Rudo. Basic girl writes in such a simple, but engaging way. I love love her graphics, which often include some popular gifs. You can find short stories and poetry on her blog. She hopes to one day be a screenwriter, well I think she is doing well if her short stories are anything to go by. Do visit her blog and read some for yourself.
  5. Makupsy by Mercy, also known as fitness bae. She is one of the first Zimbabwean blogs I followed when I started seriously reading more blogs by African writers. Through her blog, I was able to get to know other bloggers who are based in Zimbabwe. I love how she engages with her readers and her ability to write about any topic. She writes about relationships, culture, travelling around the country which kinda makes me homesick, but I appreciate it so much. As an award-winning blogger, she also sometimes gives tips about blogging. I have learnt a lot from her blog over the years.

That’s it for my five blogs coming out of Zimbabwe. I will just mention that the list is by no means an exhaustive one as there are so many amazing bloggers that I have not included here and I hope to see many more coming up. Please take the time to visit and follow each and every one of these blogs, you will not regret it.

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