The brand I would love to work with…

Day 10 Winter Blogging Challenge

What is a brand?

The term branding comes from the labelling of livestock, where owners would make a visible mark so as to be able to identify that the livestock belonged to him. Slaves were also branded by their masters during slavery. It is something that I cannot even fathom, that a human being would put a mark of ownership on another human being to make a profit and/or for status.  Slavery is an unforgettable stain on humanity. Anyway I digress, today I write about the “brand” that I would love to be associated with, one that I would love to be a brand ambassador for.

My chosen brand is YouVersion.


If you are a Christian, you probably know that Youversion is a Bible application which has created lots of written, videos and graphic content for believers across the globe. This brand believes that connecting with God daily has the power to transform lives. Personally, the Bible app has helped me to read my Bible more frequently and also read on the go. As the world has gone more digital during the COVID-19 lockdown, more and more people needed the spiritual refreshment that they could not get from the physical church building. Youversion also has stories which help to simplify the Bible for beginners. My personal favourite are the Bible plans. Depending on where I am at in my spiritual journey, I can choose a reading plan that provides devotions and scripture to suit that phase of my life. To date, I have completed 56 plans on different topics, and I want to do more.

Why I want to be associated with this brand?

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I am a Christian and wanting to be part of the global Christian movement is part of my calling and purpose.  The brand is growing and now has users in every country. People are reading content in different languages, making the Bible accessible to more people than it was in previous years. They have expanded to include Alexa and Google Assistant access to the application. In 2018, they also launched Bible lens, an app that used pictures from a user’s gallery and allows the user to create images with Bible verses on them. I loved this feature, but it was discontinued in May this year.

I want to use my talents and skills to work for God’s glory. If I were to choose a role that fits with my skills, I would like to get involved as a content creator or reviewer with Youversion. They currently have volunteer opportunities for content reviewing where the volunteer goes through content that is submitted to the application before it is uploaded so that users will get well written and edited content. One day, I would like to be involved in writing my own plan that may help someone dealing with something I have already gone through in my life.

Now let me go and read about the brands that other bloggers love and would want to work with.

Do enjoy your weekend folks.

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15 thoughts on “The brand I would love to work with…

  1. Well I better get on and upgrade to You version first time I heard about it was from someone who made it sound way technical🙈🙈🙈I didn’t have the strength to work at it but you made it sound like a Good Tool and ama download it
    Thank you

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