Who am I?

A Christian who is slowly walking her walk with Christ and finding so much joy in it. I am learning so much about God and myself in the process.

A loyal and reliable daughter, sister and friend. An aunt to my nephew and niece. I could be a better friend if I could take the time to call my friends every now and then, but I have become a stranger to my phone and hate texting.

The kind of person who gets quickly annoyed by people in my space. I do not like being disturbed and as I write this, there is someone trying to get my attention as I am writing.

An introvert who values solitude and quiet. I need time and space to think. I get irritated by loudness and I am drawn by soft speech (an image of my sister Vimbai comes to mind).

A scholar (at least trying to be).

A reader of spiritual books and non-fiction mostly. I also read blogs daily. They say if you cannot read, you won’t be able to write.

A writer– every day of my life I write something down. From to-do-lists, prayers and thoughts in my journal, this blog (when inspiration strikes) and other forms of writing including academic and lengthy prose.

A woman who is getting to know the deepest parts of herself, what makes me feel alive and what my purpose on this earth is. I am proud of my feminine nature and in my feminism, I do not promote hatred of men.

A perfectionist– everything I do takes longer to put out because I want it to be just right. I am learning, though, that perfection is a myth. I used to expect perfection in my relations with people as well- you can guess how that turned out, LOL!

A non-conformist– I don’t follow trends, I cut my hair very low sometimes and I am not afraid of what people might say about my look. I wear minimal make-up and although I always try and look good in the clothes I wear, I don’t make much of a fuss. I used to be concerned with all these things, but the closer I get to God, I realise there are more important things in life.


I hope you enjoyed reading about who I am. Thanks for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “Who am I?

      1. That is true, I will make room for my kids and loved ones. I believe we all need some alone time but it is not to the neglect of others. I actually can’t wait to be a mother 😊

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