About this blog

Welcome to my world. This blog allows you to get to know a little bit more about the person behind the words than I get to share with the people I encounter physically. Here you get to read about my personal thoughts, reflections, my inspirations and also my opinions about the social world. I started writing when I was 15 in notebooks and later journals as I grew older. Online, I started writing in 2012 as an escape from the pressures of social work. Years later, this place is still my escape, a space where I can be unapologetically ME and you get to share that journey with me. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Because I am a social worker, you will see a lot of posts that sound like advice columns. I cannot help myself, it comes with the profession. However, please take my advice with a dash of salt and pepper. Use what works for you and it is not prescribed. My advice posts are based on personal experience and what has worked for me or for some of my friends and previous clients.

You will find some social commentary, based on my travels and living in different countries. This blog will show you clearly where in the world I will be when I am writing, from South Africa to Ireland, from Ireland to Zimbabwe, from Zimbabwe to Hong Kong and all the places I travel to in between. Because this is not a travel blog, the posts about places I have lived in tend to focus on my integration and social adjustment, with rare posts about where to go and what to do in a certain country.

I also verbalise my feminism in some posts, so be prepared for that. Otherwise, I try to write balanced views about society in general and the world I live in, from my point of view and sometimes based on conversations with the people around me. I write about being single, relationships, work and studying. I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing these posts.

I would say my blog does not fit a particular niche. I describe myself as a personal blogger writing about all the different facets of my life from a social, relational and spiritual point of view.

Your comments and feedback are sincerely appreciated.