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Remembering Ireland…in pictures

I have always wanted to do a pictorial of the time I spent in Ireland…that was a beautiful place which I will always remember. In the true sense of the word “pictorial”…I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Weekends at Woolshade supporting Manchester United…
That one time it snowed..
Canty’s Bar

Bar hopping in Cork City


Youth Christian Group
Christmas 2014 with friends
Christmas 2014 with Magatte Faye
10685400_10204818140029999_5444069840945221664_n (1)
University College Cork campus
photo 1
Castlewhite Apartments…

Castlewhite Apartments


The Lough…
Halloween 2014
Apartment 51 Housemates

Whew…I just realized there are just too many memories to pack up in one post. In a nutshell, my life in Ireland was fun, I had friends who brought sunshine and laughter into my life and the best housemates anyone could have asked for. I also had new experiences and met new people. There was a time I thought I would go back to Ireland in a heartbeat just to relive these experiences again. The ultimate product of my time there is below and I am grateful to God for the opportunity.

Masters in Social Policy
I always thought I would go back to Ireland one day…but I think this post is my final goodbye. My time there will always be on my mind but its time to make new memories in Hong Kong…

PS: if you have a pic of me when I was in Ireland that I didn’t add here, please inbox me.



I’m sitting in a room somewhere in Europe…in the dark staring outside the window. It’s almost 12 midnight.

I wonder, is this what life is about? Is this what I have become? Is this all there is?

I wonder at the emptiness in my heart…but then its fleeting because when I count my blessings my heart is filled.

Life is full of minute I am sad, the next I am on a joyful high…

Why do I let people control my emotions? Why do I let people have so much power to alter my mood?

You call me heartless…I hear you. Maybe I am because I haven’t allowed myself to feel.

But ask the guy from a few months ago…I felt something for him.So I think I just have the wisdom to know that I cannot fall for everyone I meet.

This is not about love though, this is about life… I really wish I could care what someone else thinks of me.

I really wish I could apologize for being who I am…

Why is love…those three words “I love you”…why are they so important?

Maybe I am the one who needs help…

As I stare outside my window at a few minutes to midnight.

Silence has a way of communicating, maybe if I listen longer I will find the answers…198

I know myself because I have dared to be silent and stare at nothing….

How resilient are you in the face of life’s trials?

I can and I will

This is a question I have had to answer in this past week. How resilient am I in the face of life’s trials? How do I cope when there is a storm in my life? How does anyone cope? I reached out to my cousin who is one of my confidantes and she reminded me that in writing about my feelings, I usually find an escape from whatever might be bothering me. So here goes…

I recall a previous blog post that I wrote early last year, The Storms in my life where I spoke about how each storm or trouble we encounter has a purpose…everything happens for a reason. Yes we all know this, but when you are right in the middle of a storm, hearing these words is not always immediately comforting. When something happens to you so suddenly that you don’t get a chance to prepare for it, it literally takes the wind out of your sails. You are in a state of shock, disbelief and even denial and nothing penetrates the rational area of the brain to get you to understand why it might be happening.

Such is life…but now what? How do you bounce back?…that’s what I want to know. When speaking about it doesn’t make it better, when crying no longer works (and I am not a crier by the way) and when you just cannot face the prospect of another day like the one you just had that was so bleak…how do you bounce back?

Someone who is resilient has the ability to withstand and recover quickly from a difficult condition(wikipedia). A resilient object is able to spring back or recoil after bending. The second definition is more apt at describing the state that I am speaking about. When you have been bent by life, thrown around and made to fall on your knees, can you bounce back and stand upright again? If I can then I can add “resilient” to my list of characteristics.

I want to be resilient. I want to overcome life’s trials. I want to smile and live life to the fullest. There will be trials always but what matters is our ability to bounce back, get our joy back. It is not about who hurt you or who betrayed your trust. They made their choice. Now the choice is mine and yours to decide to bounce back….

It will be done.

Help…I’m so distracted!!!

Learning how to deal with distractions is a skill, one that I realized I probably need to tap into. The thing with distractions is that they take your eyes away from the goal. By the time you realize it, you are steps behind. My mother used to call these “time wasters” and I did not understand at the time. I used to wonder, how can something that is fun and enjoyable be a “time waster”? But this is exactly how distractions work, they are fleeting joys that keep your mind or your whole body in other instances so occupied but at the end of the day you realize you did not get much done.


Learning to identify which things in your life are causing a distraction is the first step to actually dealing with them. Those things that take up an awful lot of time but don’t really amount to anything at the end of the day, SOCIAL MEDIA comes to mind. I often find myself scrolling for hours on Instagram looking at pictures of people I don’t even know and will probably never know. Or I am on the twitter streets for hours, but to be fair there is some valuable tidbits I get from there. But hours of that is probably a “time waster” for me. I am thinking reading a chapter from a book or taking a beauty nap could reap meaningful benefits.

Life needs a balance always and one cannot always be studying or working or being serious. But some distractions are so time consuming that it might be difficult to break away from them easily. This morning I identified my distractions, some are bigger than others but they all need to be dealt with. I do have better things to do with my time…sigh.

Wish me luck in getting back into FOCUS.

Photo cred
Photo cred

Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim
Sink or Swim

When faced with a tough situation you have to make a choice…to either sink or swim. Just taking a break from my world of books to ponder on this. I realized I always choose to swim, no matter how the odds look like. I swim so hard until I make it. Giving up is not an option. I am not a quitter, never have been and will never be.

So let me get back to swimming!!!

Be the sunshine in your life…

The reality of life is that it is not a dress rehearsal…this is it. The life I am living and experiencing right now is what it is…that is my life. It is happening in real time and it is 1

So even when I wake up to this picture…grey and depressing as it may be…I am living this reality.

photo 3

When I go for lectures some days it looks like the pic above…misty, grey and wet at times.

I am learning to appreciate each moment, whether the sun comes out or not. God is still present in the mist, and it is still beautiful. Someone may look outside and feel depressed with the weather, but I remembered that I am the sunshine. I bring my own sunshine in the way I choose to view this day…how I feel from inside and the happiness I bring to each task I have before me…that is my light.

It is what is inside of us that matters, more than what is around us. Our environment can have a part to play but it is not the ultimate determinant of who or what we can be. Its your thoughts and your passion, it is doing things that make you happy…it is finding that within us that makes our day. Not the state of the weather…

I think this shows I am adapting very well to Cork weather,LOL!!!