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Are you worried about the future?

The future is a weird place that we all like to visit from time to time. As humans we just cannot help but spend time in an imagined future, full of hopes and dreams. But, for many of us, the future is filled with anxieties, worries and fears. What if I don’t make it? What if I don’t get that dream house? What if I end up alone? What if, what if, what if? It is an endless list…

Because it is the end of the year, everyone is thinking of the near future, 2019!!It is almost here, but we have already started saying what we want or hope for it to look like. Truth is, these are just more dreams. We have no way of knowing if our resolutions will actually come to pass. We can only hope that they do and put in as much work as we can to try and get there. But, are we ever really in control of what is going to happen to us?

Today I had a revelation. I was reading  Psalm 139:5 which says :

You go before me and follow me.
You place your hand of blessing on my head

God goes before us, into our future and follows us, into the past. This means He already knows what the future holds and what we have been through before. He has seen it already.  What this means for me is that, there is no amount of worrying that is going to change what God has already planned for me. There is no amount of hard work that will change his purpose either. What this also means is that, when you surrender to His will for your life, you can live a life free from worry. If you pray for His will to be done in your life and trust that it will, then there is no need to be uncertain.

This was liberating for me. I am walking into 2019 with a certain feeling that I am going to WIN and everything is going to be just fine. That is a winning mindset.


Happy New Year


Forgive them for they know not what they do~Luke 23:24

Sometimes if we really want people to learn how much their actions affect others, we must be willing to do the hardest thing. We must be willing to forgive the unforgivable, just so that they can learn the true meaning of grace and maybe one day seek it for themselves. The toughest thing is to let them in when it hurts the most, that moment you feel like shutting the door if you leave it open just a little bit…maybe, just maybe they will change.

I never used to have faith in people changing. As the saying goes,

a leopard never changes its spots.

But I find myself feeling compassion for those who have hurt me the most, wanting them to know and find the peace I have found for themselves. Also, realising that I might never benefit from their newness when they change, they might benefit other people and not myself. But I still want them to have it.

Forgiveness is hard but it helps the giver more than it does the receiver. Letting go is healing. It may not feel that way at the time, but with time:

  •  you realise that you are free from bitterness, resentment and pain…
  • you realise their actions do not control you and never had the power to…
  • you realise you can bend but never break…
  • you realise you had kept yourself in a mental prison of which the key was in your hand the whole time…
  • you realise that love is about pain and those who you love will hurt you the most, but you will heal, only if you do not give in to resentment and let go.

I always thought I had the power to get over anything. Physical pain heals faster than emotional pain. But pain is pain and as humans, if we could choose we would choose none of it. Even forgiving people who do not deserve forgiveness is painful. But we still have to do it, not for them but for ourselves.

So with that being said, I forgive you and I choose happiness over sadness.  The tears may come but we smile through them. We carry on living.


My secret ingredients: faith and prayer

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I would not be where I am without my faith in God, the Creator of the Universe, my Father, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a firm believer in Christ and today I want to share how this has been my secret ingredient to life. After today, well it is no longer a secret…My glow-up is God-given…a miracle of grace.

I was not raised with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents were civil servants earning a government salary and I attended both public and mission schools for my primary and high school education. I started seriously praying when I was 15 years old at Sandringham High School which is a Methodist Mission School. I used to be part of the Scripture Union and little did I know that will be the beginning of a beautiful and fulfilling, although challenging relationship with God. I can confidently say that everything I have achieved in the last 15 years of my life since that relationship began is due to my stubborn faith in God and my prayer life.

Most families in Zimbabwe are quite religious and 76% of the population identify as Christians according to this Wikipedia page. I grew up in a home where we were taught that going to church was the right thing to do. I started off going just because I was told to do so, but when I began my own relationship with God, I started going because I wanted to be closer to God. As an adult woman now, I still attend church as a way to fellowship with other believers and spend time in His presence. I have come a long way and these days you can find me singing with the praise & worship team and on occasion sharing a sermon.

What is the point of faith and prayer? In a world where bad things are happening every day, the poor being exploited by the church in Africa at every opportunity and getting even poorer, is there a point to our faith and prayer? Does God even hear our prayers? These are all questions I have come across in contemporary readings and studies of the faith. The church nowadays has quite a bad rep because of fake prophets who are milking the masses dry with promises of a better life. They prey on the desperation of people in despair. I don’t have all the answers, but I will say something about how faith and prayer work in my own life.

  • I refuse to lose hope and become resentful and bitter about what is going on in the world. I choose hope instead. Faith keeps me hopeful of a brighter future. After all, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11:1 (KJV).
  • When I look back to the time I began my relationship with God, I see how much I have grown and changed. I have been blessed with so many opportunities since then, some of which could never have happened with my own strength or wisdom. Doors have opened in places I never thought they could, I have traveled to places I never dreamt of and sat in boardrooms with people I never thought I could rub shoulders with. I could never look at all that and claim it was all me.
  • Prayer changes things, people, and situations. This is a subjective point, our experiences may be different, but I have definitely seen mountains move in my life.

It is prayer week at Faith Gateway where I get my daily devotionals. I dedicate today’s post to Prayer Week as I begin my week of prayer. I leave you with this:

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Day 3 Blogtember Challenge 👏🏽👏🏽

Exploring Mindfulness

I recently stumbled across my consciousness; not that it ever went anywhere, but I came face to face with it for the first time as an adult.  All I can say is WOW!! I wonder, how have I been living all this while??? Since I started tapping into my spiritual being, for that is what she is, I am in awe of the power and peace I have living inside me. And it has been in there all this while…

We are too busy, we cannot even stop to smell the roses or be fully present in the moment. We are always in a hurry to do this and that. One day I found myself really stopping and listening…I looked within…I spoke to the inner being…my consciousness, and I feel rejuvenated. And the funny thing is, I think it all happened by accident. I was in my feelings about something, I was doing what I do best…overthinking…and it just HAPPENED. I think it was the right time and I welcomed it.  Now I am practicing it.

When you practice stillness and mindfulness, nothing just happens to you. You are aware of every emotion; good or bad. You reflect on moments; pleasant or otherwise. You realize you are ALIVE, for a reason, not just EXISTING. You experience LIFE for what it is.


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Since my discovery of my spiritual being, I have changed my mindset. I worry less and I take care of my mind and body more. Gone are the days of mindless scrolling on social media, looking at people I don’t even talk to, living their fake or not so fake lives. Point is, it no longer matters to me. I now evaluate what goes into my mind, because I understand now more than ever, that what I feed into it, becomes ME. I would rather listen to a motivational podcast when I have my morning coffee than follow social media gossip or text someone whose conversation I do not enjoy, just because it is polite to do so.  There has been a shift.

I have found myself, in the sense that, I am now fully aware of what I want and what I don’t want. Guess I can say I have finally matured…

So, if you notice a slight difference in me, this is why. I am WOKE….finally!!!